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Dinner at your professor's house

Inside the 'Ville: Dinner at Your Professor's House

Afraid that your professors are only around to give you time-consuming assignments, grade papers, and dole out last-minute deadlines? Will they be there for you if you need help? Faculty that are truly world-class are genuinely interested in you and your education.

At Greenville University, you'll see that our faculty are all about going the extra mile to see you succeed. With a student-faculty ratio of 14:1, it's a done deal that your professor will know your name. Not only that, they'll know your field of study, your interests, and your skills. 

Student-faculty relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. That's why you'll never feel like just a number. Professors here will be attentive to your feedback. They're not interested in lecturing at a quiet audience; they know that they can learn from their students as well. 

Struggling in a class? Your professors' office hours aren't just for show. Greenville University students don't have to be shy about popping in for a visit if homework is confusing or if they need extra resources for a paper. 

On top of all that, your professor might even invite you to their home. In fact, Greenville faculty have been known to host barbecues, parties, and dinners. No special occasion necessary. They may simply want to show their students a movie they love or introduce them to a foreign cuisine. Our professors really are one-of-a-kind: world-class and interested in helping you reach your fullest potential.

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