While You Were Away From GU

Summer 2020 has been a crazy one, to say the least. We were hit with a global pandemic, our ability to connect with others has been put into question, the racial divide has been brought to our attention, even more, the presidential candidates have made strides in their campaigning efforts, and more. So much has changed in our world. In the world of Greenville University, some changes have taken place as well. While students were away from G.U., we have added several new amenities outlined below. Take a peak!

Orange Bow on Huge Tower

2020_bow_tower (3 of 3)We know that when COVID-19 hit, our students were hit hard. When we had to decide to send students home in March, it was not easy for the G.U. administration, faculty, and staff. Because of how much we miss and care for our students, we decided to place an orange bow on Hogue tower until students return in the fall. This orange bow is a symbol of the thoughts and prayers sent up for students during quarantine. 

Allyson Grabowski Memorial Sand Volleyball Court

Last summer, the women’s volleyball team suffered the loss of rising senior Allyson Grabowski. Money was raised to build a sand court in her memory. The location of the court is between the blackroom and Hood Hall. The court will become a place for all students, volleyball athletes or not, to come together and enjoy the game that Allyson loved. During NSO weekend this year, the women's volleyball team dedicated the court in Allyson's name. 



Burritt Gym



Burritt Gym is located upstairs in the athletic facility. It will be getting all new equipment and a new lookout window to view the entire court. The intention is for this gym to become the workout space for all non-athletes and have all athletes continue their strength training at the Annex gym. 



JKL Patio

2020_jkl_patio (1 of 1)

The four seasons room was built thanks to a generous donation from Don Jones, who is also the person who purchased the building and paid for the renovation at JKL. Don Jones is an alum of G.U. and has been a longtime friend of the university and our School of Theology and Ministry specifically. Don is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ and has had a long history of investing in the Christ-centered mission of Greenville University.

Tower Mural


Incoming senior, Christina Hardin, was asked to paint a mural on the walls of Tower apartments. Her beautiful artwork is something to marvel at, but the meaning behind her color choices were even more unique. She states, “I learn more about the identity of Jesus every day. I think that in our separate walks with Christ, we learn new things about him in our own ways and timelines. That being said, we experience different attributes of Jesus at different times. I chose to paint Jesus in several different colors for his skin tone to not confine him. Jesus was a Middle Eastern man who was a carpenter for 30 years before his last 3 years in discipleship and ministry, but he is so much more beyond that. I want this mural to communicate that Jesus is with you every step of the way wherever you are. The different colors represent pieces of him that are reflected in each person’s experience with him, whether that is love, compassion, empathy, kindness, righteous anger, justice-seeking, etc. Remember that in the gift of him giving his life for our sins, he is able to be with us every step of the way, in any way, at any time.” 


Touchwall Athletic Hall of Fame


Previously, the G.U. athletic hall of fame was presented on plaques on the walls outside H.J. gym and on tall pillars coming from the ground. Now, visitors and fans will be able to view the athletic hall of fame members at their convenience using the touchwall.


There are a few more changes that are coming but have not yet been completed. The library is getting updated (sneak peak below), and we will soon be able to offer appointments at the new health clinic. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest occurrences at Greenville University.