What is Panther Preferred?

Now that you're looking at colleges, you're probably getting a lot of advice. “Apply for scholarships" or "College isn’t that expensive if you get good grades in high school." You might get these comments often, but are you worried your grades will keep you from scholarships or the college you want? Maybe you don't test well, or there were circumstances that kept you from achieving the academic goals you hoped for. That shouldn't put college out of your reach. There should be a scholarship that looks past grades and test scores.

125 Pancho Edits_WEBGreenville University is proud to announce the Panther Preferred scholarship! President Ivan Filby was featured on St. Louis moms, a morning TV show, in late October promoting this brand new opportunity. The uniqueness of this award is something to get excited about. Panther Preferred scholars are not admitted based on test scores or grade point average, but instead on character, passion for achieving long-term goals, and the drive to succeed despite obstacles that may interfere, 

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Panther Preferred scholars are special in the fact that they show great character, even when they come across obstacles. Who they are as a person, not what they look like on paper, is enough to qualify for successful admission. A student that scored poorly on the ACT but exemplifies what it takes to make an impact on our campus, community, and world, has the chance to experience the life of a Greenville Panther with a scholarship that makes education affordable. A student that struggled to graduate due to low grades can take this opportunity to show their ability to overcome a challenge in exchange for a less expensive, yet equally valuable higher education experience. Not only students coming in as freshmen but also those that are transferring in can apply to the program. This scholarship lasts for four years and can amount up to $18,000 per year.

So what exactly does it take to be admitted as a Panther Scholar? Apply! The application to the university is the first step to becoming a scholar. Once accepted into the university, admissions counselors will prompt the new Panthers to send in a Panther Preferred application. These must be submitted by November 26th. Decisions will be made by Christmas. What a wonderful present that would be!

You are more than a test score. Your future is not determined by your GPA. Apply to become a Panther Scholar, today!