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What does my RC even do?

What does your Resident Chaplain (RC) even do? You may have no idea. Or, you may think that your RC is just the person that is there to catch you breaking the rules of the university. To clear up any questions you might have, I interviewed two RC’s, one male and one female, to get a deeper understand of the role of an RC.

Meet your RC: CJ Falls


This is CJ’s second year as an RC. This year, those on 3rd Hood have the joy of having him live with them. He became an RC because someone recommended him. After some contemplation and conversation with his parents, he decided that he wanted to make the same impact that his RC made on his hall.

In preparation to become an RC, he has experienced Walkabout twice now. For those that do not know, Walkabout is a required hiking trip in the Smoking Mountains that puts campus leaders out of their comfort zones so that they can learn problem-solving, find God in nature, develop leadership skills, and join forces with other leaders on campus. CJ really enjoyed Walkabout this year. “For anyone who watches Dragon Ball, it’s like going into the hyperbolic time chamber to form friendships. You basically have no choice but to be friends with the people in your group because of how much time you are going to spend together,” states CJ.

His responsibilities as an RC include keeping his hall intact, letting locked out residents in, and being a positive example to those around him. His favorite part about being an RC is the connections he makes with all kinds of people from different backgrounds. If you are ready to take on a new level of responsibility and help students out, CJ recommends becoming an RC.

Meet your RC: Dana Smith

Dana is a first-year RC and on the second floor of Mannoia. 

DanaHer top motivation for becoming an RC was to communicate, connect, and build with other women. Her experience with having female mentors has spoken light into her passion for helping other women become the best version of themselves. Other than being an incredible person, student, and leader, Dana is also the Vice President of the Mosaic Student Association.

Dana also enjoyed the struggle of the Walkabout trip. Although it was difficult with the cold rain, heavy pack, and long, hard days of hiking, she had a once in a lifetime encounter with the Lord. “Solo” is a part of the trip where the student hikers are left to fast on their own for 24 hours. Dana described her solo experience by stating, “God kept reminding me that He (through His son) suffered such as this, and it was okay because it was all for Him and not for myself. God’s voice was clear to me during those moments of solitude. Listening to Him and hearing from His creation was so emotional and uplifting for me because I do not hear those things while being so busy with daily life.” Her participation in solo will help her this year as an RC when making sure the girls on her floor are spiritually fed.

I hope that you have been enlightened by the real purpose of your RC. Next time you see your RC, say hello! Most of them don’t bite!