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What Does it Take to Manage a Business?

Running a business is hard. It means showing up every day, seeking clients, financing, managing employees, and staying fresh with the times. Yes, one can do it without a degree. When I was a senior in high school, I started a photography business. I learned a lot as I experienced what it meant to manage my own business, but a degree would help me better understand the world of business. Having a degree elevates the level of knowledge and gives one a competitive advantage over others. It also opens doors that would not open otherwise. 


What is business management?

In short, a business management degree teaches you to manage a business. Business is the practice of making one's living off commerce. Management is those that run a business. A major suited for many comes alive when putting the two together! It’s about organizing, planning, and operating a business. 



What does earning a degree in business management look like at GU?

Stewardship is at the center of earning a business management degree from GU. Stewardship is the notion of evaluating resources, multiplying those resources, and bettering the world for all. A business management degree from GU is about learning to lead others by assessing the strengths and abilities of those on the team and setting them up to succeed. Our business professors are committed to serving Christ and their students. 

David Janes, a current senior in the program, chose GU because of the high number of credits Greenville allowed him to transfer. Janes describes the program by saying, "GU was so accommodating to my scheduling needs since I am a business professional who works 50 hours a week already. Their online program allows me to complete my coursework at times that work for me."

What can you do with a degree in business management? 


  1. An Entrepreneur is someone who specializes in opening and operating one or more self-owned businesses. A degree is not required, but again, a degree will fill a person with knowledge and experience that gives a competitive advantage. It is difficult to track the growth and pay for entrepreneurs because there are many dependents. For more information on growth and pay, check out this article. 
  2. The Top Executives of a company or CEO (Chief Executive Officer), are in charge of the entire organization. They are at the top of the company no matter how big or small. Their primary responsibility is ensuring that the company is reaching its goals. The projected growth of the position is 6%, and the 2018 median salary was $104,980.
  3. Gaining interest in products or services usually begins with the Advertising/Marketing Manager. The projected growth of the position is 10%, and the 2018 median salary was $132,260.
  4. Sales Representatives work directly with customers to sell the company's products and/or services. Being convincing, personable, and self-motivated are traits of a person suited for sales. The projected growth of the position is 5%, and the 2018 median salary was $124,220.

Managing a business is hard yet rewarding. If a degree in business management interests you, apply by clicking here!

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