Is a COllege Degree Worth IT?

Why should YOU Earn a College Degree?

A college degree boosts your chances of obtaining a good job in the future. But why wait until graduation to start making an impression on potential employers? You can make decisions now that build your reputation in the job market.

Get Involved

By joining activities, you demonstrate commitment and a willingness to contribute to a group or project. If you have already declared your major, activities related to your studies may boost your chances of getting a job in your field.

Work Part-Time

Working part-time not only helps you with money, it tells employers you’re a responsible person. Even if your part-time work has nothing to do with your major, it’s a reflection of your dedication. You can also volunteer at various organizations for free. Working for no paycheck demonstrates a kind heart and commitment to others.  

It’s Showcase Time!

Whatever your major, find ways to put your skills into practice right now. It’s never too early!

If you’re a music major, start a band, request to play in your own concert or make online videos.

If you’re a creative writing major, start a blog to express your writing skills, or submit your stories to online publications.

If you’re a business major, save some time and money to invest in starting your own shop or store. 

Find opportunities to demonstrate your skills in this moment. Pursue them, and don’t be afraid of the downfalls. Your dedication will pay off.

Be Smart on the Web

Ask yourself, “How do I come across to people on social media channels?” Keep your social platform free from anything inappropriate or rude. Employers will search social media to explore your character.

Apply for Internships

Applying for internships is greatly encouraged because they provide an excellent work experience. They give you a taste of your chosen career. They also get your name out in the world more and show that you are serious about your education and future.

So, How Can GU Help?

Greenville University is here to not only help you with your college decisions but also your future life. As you complete your studies, we make sure to encourage you to pursue more than just the classroom.

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