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Vespers: A Triple Treat that's Changing Lives

One thing that sets GU students apart from the rest is the chance to worship and grow in faith through obtaining chapel credit. A student that attends Greenville for four years will graduate with at least 288 chapel credits. One can earn chapel credit by attending chapel every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, as well as Vespers on Thursday evenings. Also, the leadership opportunities within chapel and Vespers presented to students allows them to shine above the rest. Lexi Simmons, Caitlin McLaughlin, and Abby Modaff make up the Vespers staff this school year. There is a lot of work put into making Vespers happen, and GU is a special place where leadership avenues are available to those who want to help our campus thrive.

IMG_3733Caitlin and Lexi work together to choose speakers and themes, communicate with outside sources, and run the event itself each Thursday evening. Last semester they decided to focus on the five pillars of the Methodist faith, which is at the foundation of GU. This semester they are asking students to share their testimony. Abby takes the role of the marketing guru, advertising through social media about Vespers. The three combine to make a powerful student-led worship experience.

IMG_4603Caitlin McLoughlin is a junior majoring in psychology and Spanish. She chose to lead Vespers when last year’s leader approached her with an offer to help her grow in her faith. She decided to commit to being known as more than a soccer girl. She continues to lead because “...hearing students perspectives on things helps other students know Christ better.” Caitlin is truly dedicated to bettering the student experience within the faith. She also mentions, “Hearing stories of students is impactful on other students.” This is one Christ-follower that strongly believes in the power of influence. “One of the reasons people come to Vespers is because the environment is different than Chapel and I like that,” McLoughlin explains. Vespers is unique, to say the least, and Caitlin enjoys being the leader in the background of it all. Her gratefulness goes beyond comparison, and she would recommend this leadership opportunity to other students with the same passion.

IMG-1883Lexi Simmons is a senior who is major in elementary education. “I love what Vespers stands for and space it gives to students,” Simmons expresses. She finds hope in the inspiring messages delivered by her peers. She continues with, “I love that we get to come together and worship as students. We are able to express our worship in whatever way we choose, and as a leader, I get to establish that atmosphere for others.” Lexi has a gift for welcoming all and making other people feel comfortable. While she sometimes finds it difficult to choose and find speakers, she finds it rewarding to be witness to the Lord impacting students lives. Simmons not only has enjoyed working with the other Vespers leaders but is also excited to see what the Lord has done through Vespers.

IMG_6025Abby Modaff is also a senior with a double major in history education and marketing. Lexi and Caitlin asked her to be the point of media and communications, and Abby did not hesitate to say yes. Her responsibilities include running the Facebook page, creating events, sending emails, taking photos, and Facebook live. This type of position is right up Abby’s ally. She is doing what she loves. Her favorite part about it is watching Lexi and Caitlin work so hard and being able to help them succeed by advertising it well for them.

Does leading Vespers sound like something that interests you? Do you want to make an impact on the spiritual lives of the people around you? Apply to be a part of this team! Applications are due April 5th, and you can find them by emailing Lexi Simmons at lexi.simmons8324@panthers.greenville.edu.