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Top Scholarships for 2019-2020

Greenville University offers four unique scholarships worth $18,000. Whether it rewards character, honors academic excellence, celebrates diversity, or aids the next generation of engineers, Greenville has a scholarship option for you!

1. Panther Preferred- $18,000

Based on our mission for character and service, we offer the Panther Preferred scholarship for driven, high-character students who know how to thrive in any situation. Because of their determination and grit, Panther Scholars make a positive impact on campus as servant-leaders. This character scholarship does not have a GPA or test score requirement. Learn more about the Panther Preferred Scholarship here, or read our What is Panther Preferred blog!Panther Preferred Student

2. McAllaster- $18,000

The McAllaster Scholarship is Greenville University’s honor scholarship. An adapted curriculum, close-knit learning community, and unique opportunities are all a part of the honors program at GU. Become an individual of influence and wisdom. Learn more here!



3. Mosaic Diversity Scholarship- $18,000

You can promote diversity awareness and cultural celebration on GU’s campus. Mosaic Diversity Scholarship recipients excel in the classroom and continue the tradition of equality and diversity at GU. Learn more about the Mosaic Diversity Scholarship here. Hear from a Mosaic Scholar in her blog, Mosaic: A Diverse Approach to Diversity.

4. Engineering Scholarship- $18,000

If you plan on being a part of our excellent engineering program, you should apply for the four-year Engineering Scholarship. Greenville’s engineering program uses an integrative approach combining mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering in coursework. With this four-year engineering degree, you can use quantum engineering starting your freshmen year. Learn about this SMART approach to engineering in our engineering blog.

Find the GPA, ACT, and SAT requirements for these and other scholarships here.

Which of these top scholarships most interest you?