Top 5 Ways to Grow your Faith In College

Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith in College

You’re going to be busy at college. With so much going on—classes, clubs, sports, and more—it might feel like you have no time to develop and share your Christian faith. Here’s the good news: Your perfect college will offer plenty of great opportunities to grow, share, reach out, and thrive! Here are the Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith in College. 

1. Join the Campus Ministry. 

Or first tip really means that you should get involved in service! There’s no better place to start than your campus ministry. Whether you’re attending regular school-wide services, group Bible studies, or Choir meetings, your campus ministry will serve as the greatest hub to grow your faith and share your unique spiritual voice.

At Greenville University, everything starts with Chapel. We’ve built it from the ground up to cater to the entire student community with regular services, guest speakers, concerts, Bible study meetings, prayer retreats, and so much more! Plus, we happily work with your busy schedule to provide a custom spiritual experience to help you grow your faith at university. 

2. Dive into Your Curriculum.

Don’t think you must leave your faith at the door when you go to class. It's another place to grow! Whatever your major, every class is a great opportunity to grow as both a student and a follower of God’s teaching, so make sure to take full advantage of the opportunity. Engage with the course material, collaborate with your classmates, and network with your professors.

We shape, empower, and transform the whole person at Greenville. Our core curriculum is centered on Christian values, and our faculty are dedicated to encouraging and challenging your imagination, ideals, and unique interests. Plus, as a member or our community, you’ll always feel safe, empowered, and valued.

3. Get Involved on Campus. 

Just as our first tip reminded you to get involved in service, don’t forget to spend time with your amazing college community. You’ll have countless opportunities to share your faith, explore new ideas, and engage in fellowship, so make sure to take full advantage of everything your community offers. Join a variety of student organizations, reach out to your residence hall neighbors, share your voice through student media and publications, and attend as many school events as possible.

Empowerment doesn’t stop at the classroom at Greenville. Whether you’re planning campus festivities as a member of the Campus Activities Board, sharing your voice as a writer for The Vista and The Papyrus, or celebrating world cultures with Mosaic, you’ll find no shortage of Christian fellowship and fun. Get out there, have fun, and grow your faith with others!

4. Become a Leader on Campus.

Becoming a leader on campus is a great way to give back to your college community and nurture further personal growth through Christian service. You’ll have plenty of options. You might choose to lead your athletics team to victory, care for underclassmen in a residence hall, or represent your classmates as a member of student government.

At Greenville, we grow and succeed together. As a student leader, you’ll play an active role in ensuring the success of your Christian community. Be an open door and a safe haven for your fellow students as a Resident Chaplain. Welcome new and prospective students to campus as an Admissions Ambassador. Lead by example as a Greenville Panther. Speak for your community as a member of the Greenville Student Government Association. You’ve got what it takes to be a shining example for others. We need you to help our community thrive.

5. Expand your Community. 

The last of our five tips on how to grow your faith is so important! Just as you explore and improve your campus, you should explore and improve your world. Experience different cultures through study abroad, volunteer with both local and international humanitarian groups, and take special mission trips to aid the less fortunate around the world. Christian outreach is about service to others. In many ways, there’s no better way to help yourself than to help someone else.

At Greenville, you’ll have dozens of opportunities to become a Global Christian. Through our study abroad programs to Nicaragua, England, Spain, Israel, and Mexico, you’ll find Christian fellowship in diverse and vibrant cultures. You won’t have to leave the country to make a difference. Engage in local ministry and outreach through Urban Plunge, Connect 4, Greenville Student Outreach, and the Greenville University Prison Initiative. Volunteer with partnering organizations like Simple Room, Habitat for Humanity, Mt. Sinai Family Life Center, Salvation Army, and the Pocahontas After School Program.

How has Greenville helped you grow your faith? Let us know in the comments below!