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Top 5 Things to do During the First Week of the Semester

1. Memorize your Schedule

Even as an upperclassman, it can be difficult to remember when and where you have to be for class. The best way to always know this information is to write it down or make a note on your phone. This makes it easy to access when you are lost or wondering where you need to be next. In conjunction with your schedule, if you have not done so already, order those textbooks! eCampus provides a secure, efficient, and even affordable way to order books on time.

2. Check out the Bookstore

The name may be deceiving, but GU’s bookstore (otherwise known as the “Panther Clawset”) is full of dazzling gear, sleek tumblers, practical bookbags and more! It is located off Beaumont Avenue in the Dietzman Center. If you need Greenville University apparel, this is the hotspot. Even if you can't psychically get to the store, visit their website to order some much-needed accessories. unnamed-2

3. Visit Jo’s Java

Being part of a community is everything at Greenville. Togetherness is an evident part of GU's atmosphere starting almost immediately with the ivy planting ceremony and continues to be important all throughout a student's time here. Community also happens in small ways at GU. Jo’s Java is the coffee shop on campus.  Not only do they serve a great-tasting cup of jo, but they are notorious for delicious cinnamon rolls. It is also located in the Dietzman Center just to the left of the Panther Clawset. It is easy to find and is always a good time. The baristas are friendly, the music is cheerful, and many students, faculty, and staff meet here to converse or get work done. 

4. Eat at the DC and the Union

Both the Dining Commons and the Student Union serve fantastic food. Not only are these places here for people to fill up on energy, but they are some of the best places to meet friends and socialize with other students. Our recent change in food service providers has allowed us to welcome Fresh Ideas onto our campus. We are looking forward to the healthy products and yummy dishes they will be whipping up!

5. Get to know your RC


These people are not just there to make sure you are following the rules. All the RCs are knowledgeable and ready to help you adjust to college life. This could include information about upcoming events on campus, maintenance if your room is lacking an essential item such as light bulbs, or someone just to talk to in times of need. Homesickness is a real thing, and your RC is another person that can help you feel more at home. Read more about what RC’s do here.

In addition to these five things, walk over to Scott Field for the Back to School Bash on August 31st from 5-7pm to kick off the academic year!