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The Scoop on a Degree in Organizational Leadership

Greenville University is home to a plethora of degrees. We have students who study engineering, chemistry, business, marketing, education, Spanish, and more! Our list of degrees continues to change and grow to serve our students best. Some of the majors offered are typical, while others are unique. One of those that stands out is organizational leadership. It is a bachelor of science degree provided completely online. The questions surrounding this major are what is an organizational leadership degree, what does this degree look like at GU, and what jobs are available to someone with a degree in organizational leadership?

What is organizational leadership?

andrew-neel-QLqNalPe0RA-unsplashOrganizational leadership is an approach to management that focuses on both the individual and the group as a whole. The goal is to improve the overall quality of the efficiency of a business. It requires leaders to look at worldview, capitalize strengths, foster ethical policies, communicate well, and lead with fairness and respect. The organizational leadership major at GU combines aspects of the psychology, sociology, communication, and management fields. 

What does earning a degree in organizational leadership look like at GU?

In just one year, you could walk away with a degree in organizational leadership from GU. A total of 36 credit hours are needed to complete the program. It is incredibly transfer-friendly, meaning those that already have an associate's degree or have started taking college classes can easily pick up this major. The learning experience one will gain through the program is not just about taking classes, it’s about gaining real-life experience. 

What can you do with a degree in organizational leadership?

This major is a combination of a variety of fields and therefore, can help obtain and retain a multitude of jobs. It is a degree that can assist in being more productive in the field you are already in or equip you with other skills for other career opportunities. Below is a list of job options and their descriptions in this field. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there is an open door in many other positions. 



  1. The Human Resources Manager coordinates the administrative duties of the organization. Usually, a team of human resources reports to the manager. The duties of the human resources manager depend on the organization, but some may include training responsibilities. The projected growth of the position is 9%, and the 2017 median salary is $110,120.2019_internship_fair-3
  2. If you enjoy mentoring others, a position such as a Training and Development Specialist is perfect for you. They are in charge of organizing programs that better their employees. The projected growth of the position is 11%, and the 2018 median salary is $60,870.
  3. A degree in organizational leadership could take you to the top of the ladder in a company. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest in ranking for companies. They look at the big picture to guide the company's path. They also hold the managers of each department accountable. The projected growth of the position is 8%, and the 2018 median salary is $104,980
  4. Compensation and Benefits Managers ensure that the business's pay rates are competitive and benefits are secure. The projected growth of the position is 5%, and the 2018 median salary is $121,010.

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