The Moment I Decided GU Was for Me

An Education Designed With You. Marston Hall.Decision making is a skill. There are so many elements that factor into making a choice. When it comes to choosing a college or university, it’s important to think about how far away from home you want to be living, what schools have your desired major, what current students are saying about their college experience, and so on. We have asked a handful of current students to share the moment they decided GU was the right fit. Here are their stories.

Jared McPeak, 22’: “My decision to come to Greenville wasn’t an easy pick for me. I grew up going to a small school, so I wanted to get out of the “small school world.” The first time I came to Greenville was for an ID soccer camp, and after that weekend, I didn’t want to come because of how small it was, but the one thing that was stopping me from actually saying, “no” was the players and coaches I met! After a while, I decided that I didn’t want to leave the “small school world,” because I actually wanted to have a close connection with my teachers instead of just being a number in the classroom. Overall, I don’t regret coming to Greenville one bit. Yes, it might be small, but the people that are around you is what makes this college awesome.”

Paige Bennett (Left), a Panther Preferred Student at Greenville Univeristy

Paige Bennett, 23’: “After coming on a couple of visits, I knew there was no other school I could see myself at. I immediately felt at home when I was on campus, whereas other schools I only liked the basketball piece of the school. Seeing the team and the overall atmosphere of the school showed me what kind of community I wanted to be a part of. Greenville stood out compared to all of the other schools I visited because I knew I could see myself loving the school even if I didn’t have basketball.”


Daniel Martinez, 21’: “I was recruited for football, mainly by my offensive coordinator, Coach Flannery. He came and visited me all the way in San Diego, so I saw how much I was wanted. Along with how the coaches treated me well, I also decided on GU because I felt it was good to get out of the state and see new places.”

Keagan Bouman, 23’: “I was originally planning on attending a college that was not Greenville University, and Greenville was not even on my radar. My mom convinced me to visit the campus just once, and I was ready to just go for the ride. However, as soon as I got to campus, I instantly felt immense love from everyone on campus. I felt seen, heard, and supported just from the interactions that I had that first day visiting. I had no doubt that Greenville University was exactly where God wanted me just from the peace and love that I felt walking on to campus that first time. The staff was willing to help me and my family with anything that we asked and genuinely want the best for every one of their students. I love Greenville University and the Godly community there so much!”

Moses Lenininger (Left)Moses Leininger, 21’: “I remember when I found out it would be possible to go to Greenville! I'd toured 5 or so schools at that point and had seen lots of different things and lots of pros and cons for each. There was one that stuck out to me, however. From the moment I stepped onto Greenville's campus, I felt at home. I was impressed by what I had seen from professors and from the administration, and the program I was looking into, worship arts seemed fairly advanced in comparison to most other schools I looked at. However, the thing that really set Greenville apart for me was that it felt natural for me to be there, it was a place where I belonged and people who I could belong with. When I took all that into account, there was really no other option in my mind but Greenville."

Your story is only yours. Your choice is exclusively yours. Greenville University wants to assist you in making the college choice that best suits your wants and needs. To talk to a counselor about your college decision, click here.