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Places to go and Things to do the Summer Before College

IMG_9105 copyHurray! High school is officially over and it is finally starting to warm up! It may seem like high school lasted forever, and here in Illinois, sometimes we feel stuck in a time warp with cold, drowsy weather. Especially at Greenville University, nice weather means good moods and better friendships. Scott Field is one of the favorite studying, gathering, and community building spaces. With this beautiful weather, summer dreams are being dreamt, and travel plans are being made. So, where are you going this summer? Treat yourself for finishing four tough years of papers, assignments, and presentations. If you are staying in town or at home, there is no shame in that! If you don’t have travel plans for this summer, maybe I can help. Here are the top 5 places to visit this summer within our country and then the top 5 free activities to do to make your summer 2019 the best summer yet! The destinations are close to Greenville because as a college student (Yes, you can finally say you are in college!), I understand how hard it is to travel with a near zero dollars.

5 “On A Budget” Travel Destinations for Summer 2019:

  1. San Antonio, Texas (954 miles from GU). The obvious place to visit in San Antonio is the Alamo! However, they also have SeaWorld, a great zoo, natural bridge caverns, and a river walk.

  2. Fort Collins, Colorado (947 miles from GU). If you have not explored Colorado yet, please make this the next place you travel to. It is such a beautiful state. Fort Collins has plenty of adventures including Horsetooth Mountain, Cache La Poudre River, and the trial flower garden. IMG_9122 copy

  3. Kansas City, Missouri (291 miles from GU). Surprising enough, Kansas City made it to #11 on National Geographic’s list of most exciting trips for 2019 in the world. This is a city known for its barbecue. There is also a new museum hotel and the free Ride KC streetcar. The founder of Ruby Jean’s Juicery says, “But no matter where you go in Kansas City, it will feel like home. The city just has soul.”

  4. South Walton County, Florida (725 miles from GU). This one made number 28 on National Geographic’s list. The marine life is spectacular here. Snorkeling with Snorkel 30A is highly recommended!

  5. Nashville, Tennesse (295 miles from GU). Music City is the best! If you are a country music fan and have not yet been, go! If you do not like country music, don’t mark Nashville off your list, yet. Visiting the Grand Ole Opry could be up your ally or just exploring downtown is for anyone!

IMG_47465 Fun Things to do in the Summertime:

  1. Go Jeepin’. Have a jeep or know someone with one? Great! You are already hooked up. Feeling unlucky with no jeep or friends with a jeep? No worries, just rent one. The prices range around the fifty dollar mark.
  2. Lake (or whatever body of water is around) Swimming. Crank Brad Paisley’s Water and dive right in for a cool off in the hot summer heat.
  3. Star Gazing. Staring up at the stars can be the most relaxing way to end a summer day.
  4.  Music Festival. Depending on where you are, some places have free music festivals. These are always a fun and cheap way to have fun with friends.
  5. Go Hammocking. Amazon has some great deals on these suckers. “Hang” around with your favorite people or a good book to make for great summertime activity.

    No matter where you go or what you do, enjoy yourself and time with family and friends! Make your summer before starting college the best summer yet!