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"Smart" Engineering, an Integrative Approach

In the summer of 2018, Greenville announced their four-year engineering program. At most colleges and universities, engineering majors have the choice to specialize in mechanical, computer, or electrical engineering. Greenville University sets itself apart from the rest in many ways, including  an engineering degree that combines the three specializations into one. Additionally, “Smart” Engineering makes our university one of few schools that features undergraduate quantum engineering. The thriving community, Christian environment, and access to state-of-the-art technology are all parts of the equation that makes Greenville University a great place to study engineering.


 Erick Garcia, junior at GU, is part of the four-year “Smart” program because he wants to double major in engineering and Spanish. 'Smart' Engineering offers an integrative approach that helps graduates become versatile engineers. “The professors want the best from you. If you are not doing well, they will get on you and help you until you understand it,” Garcia said. This occurred when Garcia was under-performing in a programming class, but his professors pushed him until he passed. He ended up enjoying the class so much that it led him to decide to seek a career in software engineering after graduating. He continued by stating, “The school offers the engineering students connections outside of campus.” For example, he was introduced to a manager from Enertech Global, and that has helped him prepare for a career in software engineering. From that meeting, he was instructed on how to create a resume that will get him hired in the field. Garcia is just one example of the many students being impacting positively by the GU engineering program.


Bestof_WEBBut wait, there’s more! “Smart” Engineering is just one of two types of engineering degrees GU offers. The 3-2 program is another engineering program that benefits many students in the field. This approach allows students to receive a bachelor's in physics, chemistry, or biology from Greenville in three years and then a bachelor’s of Science in engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or Washington University in the two years after graduating from Greenville. Both of these schools rank within the top 15 engineering schools in the nation. 

wbb17_brandlandEmily Brandland, another junior at Greenville, is on the 3-2 engineering track. Her end goal is to obtain a degree in aerospace engineering. Brandland thinks highly of the program by stating, “The 3-2 program has been great because it allows me to focus more on engineering. The requirements are different than a four-year program, so I get to take more classes that are relevant to what I want to do.” In many other majors, general education courses are an added piece that can distract some from their main goal. For those like Brandland that are fully convinced engineering is the right path for them, this program allows them to get down to the nitty-gritty of the subject. She also mentions the technology by saying, “The engineering program is beginning to expand and get more equipment to help us gain experience. We have a CNC machine, 3-D printers, and design programs that are all used in actual engineering jobs. We are also going to a machine shop to gain hands-on experience and taking field trips to tour facilities and talk with experienced engineers.”This journey would not be effective if it failed to prepare her for the future career she hopes to have. “After I graduate I plan on applying to work for Boeing or NASA. GU has prepared me for this by providing internship opportunities with local companies and hiring teachers that have experience in the engineering field. I know what will be expected me when I graduate and am looking for a full-time engineering job,” Brandland continues. 
No matter how students chose to study engineering at GU, the opportunities and outcomes are unbelievable! If you or someone you know is interested in engineering, we encourage you check out the 3-2 program or "Smart' engineering at Greenville University.