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Services for Students Studying Remotely

As COVID-19 impacts how we study, organizations are stepping up to help students successfully transition to online courses and remote learning. We’ll be updating this blog as we learn information, but we wanted to draw your attention to the following student support services:

NewWave Communications. NewWave is offering unlimited data to help students work at home. Learn more here.

“In an effort to help ease the financial burden and provide continued connectivity for customers impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19), NewWave today announced that effective immediately, it will be making unlimited data available on all internet services for the next 30 days and waiving late fees for its customers for the next 60 days.”

Find more ways to get internet service here: https://bit.ly/2wggm1x 

Frontier Airlines. Frontier is offering free flights to those with a “.edu” email address. That means you, students! Learn more here.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise responded to COVID-19 with their College Student Travel Assistance program. Learn more here. 

"With colleges and universities announcing campus closures in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, Enterprise wants to make it easier for students to get home to their families by reducing the age minimum and waiving the young renter fees for rentals through May 31, 2020."

Internet Archive. This source was already available, but it’s just as helpful as ever! If you cannot gain access to your books immediately, you can work with the Greenville University Library. You can also find FREE books and other resources on https://archive.org/.

For example, we looked for To Kill a Mockingbird on Internet Archive, and we found the novel as well as podcasts, commentary, and presentations on the book!

Adobe Creative Cloud. Many students rely on their institution to provide Creative Cloud apps for their digital media work. Adobe is offering students "at home" access to their school's Adobe resources. Learn more here. 

"Starting today, we’re giving our higher education and K-12 institutional customers globally — who currently make Creative Cloud apps available to students who login through on-campus labs — the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators."

Thanks to our Greenville University digital media team for finding this source! By the way, you should check out the DM website.  


Greenville University's student support services. Our free counseling and tutoring services are still available! Reach out to community.life@greenville.edu for more information.

Comment if you know of any more resources and organizations we can add to this list! Until then, our research continues. We want to find support for our students during this time.