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Scholarships for Community Service

Did you know that your voluntary community service can help you get scholarships?  We researched scholarship listings and found some great community service scholarships for college students that are perfect for the current or soon-to-be GU Panther!

Panther Preferred

Obviously, the first scholarship to mention is GU’s service-based scholarship, Panther Preferred. This $18,000 scholarship is for students who have strong character, and recipients often have a community service background. Read more in our blog, What is Panther Preferred?

Stack up those community service scholarships! If you apply for Panther Preferred, you should probably consider these.

AXA Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship closely resembles the requirements for the Panther Preferred scholarship with ambition and drive being top factors taken into consideration. The college scholarship is based on community service and volunteer work. Recipients can receive awards between $2,500-25,000.

The Coca-Cola Scholar Program Scholarship

This scholarship, along with honoring community service, rewards another aspect valued by the Panther Preferred scholarship, leadership. Visit the site, and you can see what awardees have done to secure this $20,000 award.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations 

If your volunteer efforts have impacted race relations in your school or community, you should consider the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. This $1,000 scholarship includes a trip to Princeton for a symposium where you can meet other recipients. If this scholarship applies to you, you might be interested in our Mosaic Scholarship.

GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

The tagline for this scholarship is “Dream Heroic Dreams.” Do you resonate with that? If you have integrity and drive as well as a commitment to helping your community, consider this $10,000 character-based scholarship.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

Do you have a passion for social justice? Your determination to make the world a better place through promoting equality and peace could be rewarded with this scholarship. Recipients can earn up to $10,000.

College scholarships based on community service are abundant. Do some research to find the perfect scholarships for you and begin those applications! Not sure how to get started with your community service? Here’s a list of places to start volunteering your time to shape the world!