Reaching Senior Status

Reaching Senior Status

You’ve finally become a senior! This is a year full of big, exciting decisions. We’ve got the top seven goals to achieve before you put on your cap and gown!


  1. Schedule a tour at prospective campuses. There’s only so much you can learn about a campus over phone calls and emails. I didn’t think I was going to attend Greenville University until the minute I stepped foot on campus and loved the sense of community on campus. Picking up on the atmosphere of a school is something you can only do through a visit.


  1. Take your SAT/ACT --maybe even twice. Every college requires an ACT or SAT score. Make sure you schedule a time to take the test. If you are not confident about your test-taking skills, schedule a test really early so that you can retake it if you don’t do well. The second time around, you’ll be less nervous and it may improve your score. Also, these tests focus on different skills, pick the one you feel most comfortable taking.  


  1. Choose (if you can) a course outside of your comfort zone. Take up a pottery class, try a more difficult biology course, or add a Shop class. Colleges like to see that you tried something new and unique. It proves that you can take on all kinds of education, and you’re willing to try different learning styles. 

  1.  Pick a college. Get those applications in early, talk to admissions counselors, find people from your high school that went to the colleges you’re considering, and think about your overall plan. It is a big decision, but don’t forget it’s YOUR decision! Choose the school that will work for you.


  1. Go to a school event that you’ve never attended before. If you’ve been in choir your whole life and have never gone to a football game, go! If you’ve been an athlete and have nevergone to a concert, go! Don’t miss out on seeing what others in your school have accomplished. You may even find a new passion.


  1. Document. Not everyone is in to scrapbooking, but there are other ways to store memories. Take lots of pictures, make a playlist of your favorite songs, save all your event tickets. Turns out, you may want them in the long run. My college roommate and I bonded over the things we kept from high school; our little mementos helped us get to know each other.


  1. Get to know your teachers. Teachers can give you advice, wisdom, and really good references. Your teachers are people, so have conversations with them. You may be surprised what they know outside of the genre of AP History. It will make their day, and it can benefit your future.



  1. Do something bold! Join the dance team for a season, try out for the school play, join the arborists club and petition to save the trees! Get out there and try something new; it’s good preparation for what’s to come!

 Do you have plans for your senior year? If you’ve graduated, what were your goals for your last year of high school? Comment below!