5 Non-Negotiable Necessities for Your Dorm Room

5 Non-Negotiable Necessities for Your Dorm Room

So, you're shopping for your new dorm room! As you compare bedding, posters, and pinterest crafts, don't forget the practical necessities. Even if you've planned with the best of them, here are some items you may not have considered.

1. Blankets / Fan
With central heating and air in the residence halls, you may not be able to control your room temperature. If you're prone to freezing in the winter and melting in the summer heat, extra blankets and a fan help you stay comfortable through every season.

2. Christmas Lights
Say goodbye to harsh fluorescent lights and capture the warm glow of white Christmas lights. It's by far the quickest way to cozy up your dorm room. Check out the dollar store around New Student Orientation for good deals!

3. Whiteboard / Corkboard
Write reminders, share a quote or scripture verse, or leave it blank so others can write encouraging notes as they pass your room! Bed, Bath, and Beyond is a great place to purchase a board!

4. Extra Storage
Although you'll have drawers, a desk, and some closet space, consider extra storage solutions. Under-bed tubs work wonderfully for off-season clothes or shoes. A small chest of drawers on wheels makes towels, toiletries, and first aid items easily accessible.

5. Command Hooks
If you're not yet familiar with the Command family of products, you can find them at CVS or Walmart. These removable adhesive mounting devices are perfect for hanging everything from posters to towels to wall tapestries. Residence halls frequently forbid the use of product like nails, tape, and tacks, so use Command products as a safe alternative. 

Now that you've got the dorm necessities  taken care of, how about your college search? Check out Greenville University to build a successful and significant career path.

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