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Be a Scholarship Ninja: Three Tactics to Set You Apart

You know that Shinobi ninjas drew fear and trembling from their opponents. And, you know these masters of stealth fiercely guarded their secrets.

But do you know what went on in their secluded gatherings? New evidence shows that they plotted how they would capture and keep the attention of scholarship providers . . .Now, you too can utilize their tactics.

Yes, while their competitors scrambled at the last minute to find application forms and gather supporting documents, the ninja masters were out the door, wielding special weapons that propelled them closer to the hearts of the decision-makers who gave away scholarships.

If you want to become one of these mysterious scholarship ninjas, you must master three weapons:

#1 The Additional Page

speech-bubble-145975_640.pngThe instructions on some scholarship applications invite you to attach an addiitonal page of explanation, for example: "If you like, include one page describing you and your financial need." Ninjas never turn down invitations to share their stories.

View an example here.

#2 Written Thanks Thank-You.jpg

Ninjas also understand that the people who give away scholarships are just folks who like to be thanked.

By writing a  thank-you note, ninjas give scholarship providers the pleasure of reading an enjoyable message and the delight of sharing it with others. Every time they encounter the note, they recall the sender and their story.

#3 End of Year Update

list-114184-edited.jpgAt the end of the school year in which the ninjas use all or part of their financial awards, they thank the scholarship providers again and share highlights of their accomplishments. They understand that investors like to see their investment paying off. By taking the initiative to share positive highlights, the ninjas delight their funders—always a wise choice.


Be bold, be awesome . . .

Go ahead and be fearless as you practice these ninja tactics:

  • Always tell your story when someone gives you the opportuity.
  • Express thanks often.
  • And, to the best of your ability, show your financial aid backers that you are a wise investment.


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Track Warrior Bruce Gray Sets Himself Aprart as Most Decorated Greenville U Athlete

Bruce Gray-410714-edited.jpgBruce Gray '15 secured a place in Greenville University's history books as its most decorated student athlete. The track and field star claimed 15 NCAA Division III All-American Awards, plus a national championship in the 100-meter dash. Bruce's participation in the NCAA finals prevented him from graduating with his classmates, so he received his degree a week earlier during a special chapel service. "In true Bruce Gray fashion," Coach Brian Patton told the audience, "he's going to beat his class to graduation." Family and friends then showered Bruce with a rousing ovation. Bruce is the first in his family to attend college.