Myths about Small, Christian universities

Myths about Small Christian Universities

Did you know that unconscious, preconceived impressions can manipulate how you think? For instance, the phrase, "small Christian university" may sound like a boring choice for a school. Why is that? Well, the human brain is great at categorizing and making judgements based on assumptions. It's one of the tools that helps us survive. With your college decision, though, you want to do more than just survive. Have you allowed your subconscious to influence your choices? Check out these myths about small, Christian universities and give yourself a reality check.

Myth #1: There's nothing to do on a small campus.

False. A small campus can have an engaging student life. In fact, because we have fewer people, we can pull off events that bigger schools couldn't dream of. Can you say "$20 ski day" or "free weekend service trip to Chicago?" Greenville University students sure can.

Myth #2: Quality education only happens at large universities. 

False. Does sitting with four hundred students in a lecture hall at a large school sound like quality education to you? You'd rather have personal attention from professors and get real-life experience to put on a resume, wouldn't you? Don't just write essays that are worth 80% of your grade. Weigh in on small class discussions, learn practical skills, and benefit from professors who mentor and care about their students.

Myth #3: With fewer people around, I'll be lonely and bored.

False. Nothing builds community like the tight-knit atmosphere of a small campus. When you learn, live, play, and eat together, meaningful friendships blossom. Plus, a campus filled with the love of Christ has plenty to offer if you do get lonely or need support. The students and professors at Greenville University just might become a second family.

Have you heard these myths before? What others come to mind? Don't let your preconceived assumptions influence your college choice. Experience the option of a small Christian university for yourself! 

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