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Mosaic: A Diverse Approach to Diversity

On a trip for new students to a neat place with laser tag, dodgeball, and mini-golf last year as a freshman, one of my friends on student government informed me that this random guy wanted to talk to me about a cool opportunity.

“Who is this person?” I asked.

"Just go talk to him! He is right over there,” she replied and pointed toward a figure in a Cubs hat.

With a confused look on my face, I walked to the other end of the mini-golf course.

“Hello, my name is Sidney. Did you want to talk to me?” my awkward voice sputtered.

Mosaicpedro_WEB“Oh, hello, Sidney! I’m Pedro. Yes, I have heard great things about you, and I want to extend an invitation to apply to be a part of Mosaic, a group of students passionate about diversity and inclusion,” he happily stated.

I was perplexed. How did this Cubs fan know me? Who told him great things about me? What was this group about?

Then Pedro asked, “So, would you be interested?”

“Sure!” I responded outwardly in a confident manner, but on the inside, I had no idea what was going on.

The next few months flew by. Pedro was persistent with me and gave me the information I needed to apply to become a Mosaic scholar. I later found out that my basketball coach, Roy Mulholland had given my name to Pedro. Coach Mo also had a conversation with me and pushed me to apply. I submitted an application and was accepted within just a couple of days. The application process to Mosaic Scholars is pretty simple. A student must be admitted for regular admission to Greenville University and meet the GPA requirements to be eligible to apply. To apply to be a scholar, students have to apply for admission to Greenville by January 15th. Then, they submit an application to Mosaic by March 15th. Scholars are chosen based on previous academic performance, participation in campus or community activities, racial and/or ethnic background, and have to maintain residency in campus housing.Mosaicgroup_WEB

The list of opportunities at GU seems endless. Each one is unique and geared toward students with different talents and strengths. Mosaic is an additional opportunity for GU students interested in diversity and inclusion. As a Mosaic scholar myself, I can attest that the experience this program offers is special. At our latest gathering, we described Mosaic as uncommon, God’s plan, family, leadership, love, change, together, and unity. For me, it started as a little extra chunk of change to help me pay for college, and it is now an opportunity for me to make a campus-wide impact. It started as a neat way to get involved, and it is now an important aspect of my growth as a college student. It started as a stranger thinking I had the potential to think about diversity differently, and it is now a family of people I am a part of that work to include all.

Because scholars are chosen partly based on racial background, you may wonder why they would have chosen a white female from Effingham, Illinois. While I am part of the race of majority, my make-up, gender, and beliefs play a role in making our campus diverse. Mosaic is made of students from differing ethnic backgrounds. Each of us brings something to the table that others may not hold. That makes our conversations and training experience beneficial to this university. As a Mosaic Scholar, I partake in discussions, training, and events centered around diversity and inclusion. Mosaic has taught me to think differently about race and culture. If you are interested in being a part of this work, apply to become a Mosaic Scholar here.