Letter from the Student Body President: A Fresh Start

happynewyearThe spring semester is an opportunity for a fresh start. Not only are classes new, the second half of the year is only on the cusp, but the year is new! January is the time when we reflect on the year behind us and look forward and hope for bigger and better events for our lives. As student body president, my mindset is the same. Last semester was a success in my book: challenging, no doubt, but a success. However, just as in anything in life, there's always room for improvement. 

My role as a student body president is unique. I'm the middle man. I act as the liaison between students and administration. But for me to do so, I must first have the support of my VP and cabinet members. I've said this before, but I'll repeat it. I am blessed to have such a fantastic group of leaders behind me. IMG_4392Anna Finch, my VP, is encouraging, supportive, and helpful. The other six cabinet members are all-in. They go above and beyond their required responsibilities as student leaders. All that to say, we are nowhere near perfect, nor have we accomplished all our heart's desires. 

This past weekend, the eight of us spent two days together reflecting and preparing for the spring semester through the format of a retreat. We spent our time thinking about our strengths and weaknesses as a team and as individuals, setting goals for the semester, planning out spring events and tasks, and growing together spiritually. The result is still to be determined, but one thing is for sure, our GSGA office is now clean! In all seriousness, we are a team made up of determined, hard-working individuals who care about the GU community tremendously. 


Does that sound like you? Do you want to create a change on this campus? Are you interested in improving your leadership skills? Are you passionate about representing the student body at GU? Well, you are in luck. I can hardly believe it's already happening, but applications for all GSGA positions for next year are open. If you are a current student interested in applying for a cabinet position, click here. If you want to run for President, click here, or VP, click here. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email gsga@greenville.edu, or reach out to any of the current GSGA members you might know. My inbox is always open sidney.webster0689@panthers.greenville.edu. I would love to sit down with you (over a cup of joe if you would like) and explain the positions and answer any questions you might have. 

I have just started to process the fact that my term as student body president is about over. While it seems like I have a whole semester left, the next person to fill my shoes is going to be hired within the next month, and I will be passing on the torch (more thoughts on that in a later blog). But, I am excited to watch the next group of student leaders come in and give it their go. But until then, I am going to do my best to finish this race strong and with intentions of accomplishing what I set my sights on. Here's to 2020!