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Letter from the President: The Perception of Being Busy


As the blogging intern for the marketing department, I have an assignment. That assignment is to publish a “Letter for the President” blog once a month. I would like to take this opportunity to not only complete my task as an intern, but to share with you my struggles, successes, and setbacks as I attempt to lead the student body to a higher place. My goal is to fill you readers with knowledge about what the student body president and her/his cabinet actually do, show you the heart of the campus at GU, and open a conversation about how GSGA (Greenville Student Government) can help you. Yes, you! You the prospective student that isn’t sure what college they want to spend some of the most formative years of their life. Yes you, the current student seeking the best college experience right where your two feet are planted. Yes you, the graduated alumni of this university (or those that graduated from Greenville College). Yes you, parents of these groups mentioned above that love and care for their children so dearly. Yes you, the past, present, and future faculty and staff on this campus. And finally, yes you, the group that may be left out of the list above, that we may be able to hear your voice. 

Buckle up. In this series of letters, I am going to be vulnerable. I am going to be open. I am going to be honest. I am going to be truthful. It now has been one full month since the beginning of a year-long journey as Greenville University’s student body president. I have dived headfirst into my role, have already failed, and have already rejoiced in success. I will share all these stories of failure and success with you, but what I would really like to do now is share my perspective on one specific word: busy. Within just one month of being student body president, I have come to realize the false perception of being busy. No one is “busy,” but instead we are all are making choices and being forced to do things that take up time in our day so we think we don’t have time for anything or anyone else that may inconvenience our schedule. I do not consider myself busy, yet I have a nearly full schedule. However, I will make time for the things that I want to make time for. I will carve out space in my day for the people and things I care about. The phrases, “I know you’re busy but…” or “Yeah, but you probably can’t come because you’re busy.” or even better, “I would ask you what you’re up to this weekend, but I know you’re probably busy with president stuff,” are reoccurring phrases spoken to me. Busy is not what I am. I am committed. I am involved. I am working a lot of hours. I am active. I am hustling. However, I am not busy. 

6D6D0F85-6C5B-4DD4-9F16-E1ECACFFFC1CTo get a better understanding of being busy, think about the definition in terms of a telephone line. If a telephone line is “busy” it is, “...in use by a party or parties and not immediately accessible.” Read that again. It is not immediately accessible. In other words, the telephone line is characterized by the activity of people talking on the phone. Me? I am immediately accessible thanks to my cell phone. Me? I am not marked by any one activity. Thanks to Jesus Christ, I am only characterized by love from Him.

By no means am I say that you shouldn’t say that you’re busy. I get it, we all live in very occupied lives. But I am saying that we should think about what it really means and consider actually asking people when they are available, rather than assuming they are or are not available. In my experience, people tend to think I am never available because of my presidential duties. I hope after reading this, you have come to realize that I will make time for the things I love, and one of the things I love is talking to and spending time with you. You prospective student, current student, faculty, staff, alumni, parent, or other. I am never too “busy” to make time for you because I love you.