Letter from the Student Body President: Peace in the Midst of Chaos





Just making sure you’ve heard about it. Guys, I’m overwhelmed. It’s a word I use a lot to describe my state of mind. I overuse it for sure. But there is no other word that quite encapsulates all the emotions flowing through me during a time such as this. I’ve always been pretty brutally honest. However, my level of vulnerability here, today, is going to be at its max. Here’s my real, raw truth.

I’m shocked. I just cannot wrap my brain around what’s happened in the last couple of weeks, but really in the last couple of days. In a matter of hours, we went from thinking we would all return to campus to finish the spring semester strong and in high spirits to having to rearrange our lives to pack up our things and move on. My initial reaction to this whole pandemic is shocked. I keep asking myself, Am I really alive right now? Is this really happening? This is just a dream, right?! No, Sid. This is reality. Wake-up. This is actually happening. We are in the middle of history. 


I’m confused. Why is this happening? Why did GU decide to continue all online and not just postpone our education until the virus settles? Are we not overreacting? Is the virus really going to spread that fast? So many questions that don’t seem to have answers. I know I am not alone in saying there’s this great mass of uncertainty clouding up my life right now. My life just did a complete 180 turn and there’s not much of an explanation for it. 

I’m sad. So you’re telling me that seniors get no chance to say their goodbyes? I’m thankful to have another year at Greenville, but my heart breaks for the seniors who had no idea they were saying adios to the place that has groomed them over the last four years. My heart also breaks for the athletes whose season’s got cut short. Selfishly though, I’m sad that my last couple of months as president is abnormal. I’m disappointed that our GSGA events won’t take place the way I thought they would. I am just plain sad. 

I’m prayerful. It’s been one heck of a year and if it wasn’t’ for our big, powerful, almighty God, there is absolutely no way I would have gotten through it. In every season, I chose to praise Him. I pray that each senior that lost their official goodbyes may find peace. I pray that students continuing their online education will feel accomplished and prepared for a different academic journey. I pray for GU’s leaders that they will make sound decisions that positively impact the entire GU community. I pray for professors and their abilities and skills to teach students with the same grace, love, and care they did in their face-to-face courses. I pray for our state officials that they also make sound and educated decisions that benefit the population at large. I pray for our president and the leaders of all other countries that they will take just the perfect about of action concerning COVID-19. I pray for all persons spending a great deal of time at home that they may feel God’s presence in the midst of a chaotic world. Will you pray these things with me?



kari-shea-MrXipNsTSbA-unsplashI’ll be okay. All these emotions make it seem like the end of the world. Dramatic much? Yeah. Our world is shifting and no one is really sure how to deal with it. But because I know that God’s got me, I know I’ll be okay. All I have to do it trust in Him. 

If you are a student at GU and want to talk, please email me. I don’t want anyone to feel alone during this time. I would absolutely love to answer any questions, calm any fears, and simply be a friend. Email me at sidney.wenster0689@panthers.greenville.edu

God bless you all!