Learn from a Textbook or Learn from Experience?

Learn from a Textbook or Learn from Experience?

Imagine that you've spent an entire semester in driver’s ed and never got behind the wheel of a car. Your instructor handed you a book about great driving, but never let you practice. What would happen when you finally tried to drive on your own? Disaster, right? You can't just read about a topic and expect to master it without experience.

Experiential learning is crucial to success. That's why it is central to the learning philosophy at Greenville University.

You may be afraid that your college learning environment will consist of a dry professor, a plain PowerPoint, and a horrendously outdated textbook with data from the 80’s and cheesy pictures of people in turtlenecks. Well, worry no more! 

When it comes to training tomorrow’s doctors, statisticians, teachers, and business leaders, there's nothing better than hands-on experience. That’s why at Greenville University, you'll not only be molded by engaging reading and classroom instruction, you'll get to begin mastering your subject matter first hand. 

Our education majors set foot in classrooms during their freshman year. Our pre-med students work in state-of-the-art cadaver labs. Audio Engineering majors record albums and mix live concerts. Our Experience First curriculum within the Briner School of Business, produces graduates that already have at least two real-world projects on their resume. Examples of companies that our students have worked with include Eckert’s Family Farms, Rural King, Innovative International, LLC, Simply Amish, and Enertech Global, LLC. At Greenville University, we don't just learn. We engage the material for ourselves. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

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