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Keep in Touch with Your College Student

There’s a lot of blogs out there about how students should prepare for their freshmen year, but parents need just as much preparation as they send their children off to school. If you’re finding it hard to say goodbye, we’ve got the top four ways to keep in touch with your collegiate kiddo.


  1. Care Packages- Most students agree, there’s nothing better than getting an email from the mailroom that lets them know they’ve received a package. This is a great way to be intentional about sending love and support from afar. For care package ideas, check out this list.


  1. Weekly Scheduled Calls- With so many new ways to get involved on campus, you may find yourself playing call tag. Schedule a time to call each week or month. During a difficult week, this is something they can look forward to because, whether they admit it or not, they still rely on you!


  1. Get Snapchat­- If you want more consistent conversation, this is the best way to meet your child where they’re at. Send pictures of home, a thumbs up before a test, or a cheer when they win a game. You’ll be sure to get pictures in return. If you need step-by-step instruction on how to use Snapchat, here’s some help!


  1. Follow the School Calendar- No matter what your student is involved in, you can keep track of events they’re attending by following the school calendar. Make sure to talk about it with them during your next call. You may even find some events that you would like to attend! If you’re curious about Greenville’s school calendar, click here.

 Here are some bonus tips on handling the transition:


  1. Connect with Other Parents- Make sure to get contact information from the parents of your child’s roommate. You can talk about your worries, your kids, and make plans to meet up during Homecoming!


  1. Support Groups- There are a lot of support groups out there for parents with children in college. The amount of people involved with these groups lets you know, you’re not alone! Here’s a link to our favorite support group.


  1. Alumni- We have a ton of alumni out there who would love to talk to you if you’re wondering what life will be like for your child before, during, and after Greenville University. Click here to visit our alumni webpage.


 If you’re feeling anxious about sending your child off to college, don’t worry, you’re not alone! While it may be difficult to say goodbye, following through on some of these tips can help make the transition easier.