Is college really worth it?

Is College Really Worth It?

As the cost of tuition for college increases, many students wonder if a degree is even worth it. “Why spend four years of my life working toward a diploma that isn't guaranteed to help me get a job?” When you look at the overwhelming cost of higher education, it’s tempting to say, “No thanks,” and just apply for an entry-level position right after high school. After all, a college degree doesn’t seem to impress employers as much as it used to. 

Sound familiar? Well, maybe you’re not looking at the whole picture.

Sure, holding a bachelor’s degree is nothing unique. What employers are looking for, however, is “experience.” We know…you’ve heard that word millions of times. The fact of the matter is that experience is difficult to get if you don’t already have it. People like you are tired of hearing that they’re “not qualified,” but often don’t realize that the path to becoming an ideal candidate is right in front of them.

That’s right. We’re talking about college. Not just boring lectures with stuffy professors and exams that make you want to rethink your life choices. We mean real work that you can actually put on your resume. At Greenville University, we believe in experiential learning. That means you get your hands dirty, starting the first semester of your freshman year. We don’t just take exams and write papers. We become entrepreneurs, teach in classrooms, do people’s taxes, minister at local churches and record our own albums. You’d be surprised how many doors will open for you, just because you’re our student. Greenville University grads leave with plenty of that hard-to-get experience. They’re sharp, well-informed and have finely-tuned critical thinking and analysis skills. To put it simply, they work hard and stand out.

When you consider the cost of tuition in today’s marketplace, don’t think of it as purchasing a piece of paper that goes in a fancy leather folder on your desk. Instead, think of it as unlocking access to opportunities and stocking your resume with experiences employers will notice. Are you confident in your ability to land a job? Call or text Greenville University Admissions today to get ahead of the game, or visit us at greenville.edu.

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