I Graduated, Now What?

I Graduated, Now What?

I Graduated, Now What?

I found myself asking this exact question when I graduated both high school and college. Where do I go from here? We’ve asked around, and we now have a list of the top five answers. Here is what the majority of people believe you should do when you graduate from high school and college:

High School

1. Scholarship essays. There are so many scholarship essays out there that you can apply for. A lot of people that I knew in college wrote 40-50 essays over the course of the summer after their high school graduation. One even managed to wrestle up around $25,000 to cover their first year’s tuition and then some. So when you find yourself with no plans for the day, pull up some essay competitions and write your heart out. That money can really add up!

2. Talk to your admissions counselor about everything you need to be ready for college. For any college, there’s a lot of paperwork before you can move into your dorm. Make sure you stay in contact with your admissions counselor throughout the summer to keep up with the requirements for move-in and registration. The more you talk with your counselor, the easier things will be for you in the long run.  

 3. Buy University Gear. Obviously you have to go out and buy all the best stuff for your dorm room, but did you consider saving some of that cash for university gear? Representing your school has become more and more popular over the last few years. Stock up on your favorite school apparel and support your school at events!

4. Road trip to visit your new roommates. I never heard of anyone doing this until asked about it for this blog. This is an incredible idea if you really want to get travel and prepare for college at the same time. Plus, what a great way to start off your relationship!

 5. Pick up a hobby that is easy to maintain in collegeLet’s face it; college can be stressful. It’s good to have something that can help take your mind off of things. Try painting, longboarding, yoga, crocheting, or anything that keeps your mind and body busy to help relieve yourself from stress. 


 1.Take a break. You just did so much work, don’t enter the real world just yet! Go on a road trip, find a summer mission project, or just have a housewarming party in your new apartment. Whatever you do, take time to celebrate that you just accomplished something big!

2. Consider that first job. Sometimes it takes time to find a job that really works for you. Don’t be afraid to accept that first job, but at the same time don’t give up on your search for your dream job. When the right thing comes along, you’ll be prepared, and there won’t be a big break in your resume.

 3. Hang out with the people around you. Are you staying near your college? Get coffee with other people that you know will be sticking around too, even if you didn’t know them that well. Going back home? Call up those people from high school that you may have lost touch with. It’s good to have a support system, no matter where you are. Also, your school has an alumni database, so even if you move to Rwanda, you can find people to connect with.

 4Have an adult wardrobeDoes anyone else hear Neil Patrick Harris singing “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”? Go to a real store and find one stellar outfit to give you the WOW factor you want to help get you that job, internship, or for all those weddings you’re going to have to go to in the future!

 5. Figure out Finances. There are a lot of classes out there to help you learn about budgets, taxes, and financial planning. While this advice may not seem as fun as the other four, it will really benefit you to be able to handle your money now that you're striking out on your own. 

For both…

Don’t have it all figured out! 

Now is not the time to have all of your plans laid out before you! If you’ve done that already, congratulations, but most new graduates are just making plans for the day, not tomorrow. Take risks, investigate possibilities, and keep educating yourself. All good things take time, so don’t be afraid if you feel like you’re walking into the great unknown, adventure is out there!

Comment your suggestion for graduates below, share what you did after graduation, or tell us about your plans for after graduation. We’d love to hear from you!