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How to Get the Most Out of Your Planner

Is a planner on your school supplies list? If not, it should be! A planner is just as necessary as pens, pencils, notebooks, and other essential items. College is a busy time, and if you don't have a place to stay organized, you might miss a class or skip an important meeting. Or even more scary, you might miss a deadline on an assignment or forget to study for a big test.

Additionally, stress levels tend to rise in college students. A planner is a perfect solution to organize your academic and social life and avoid that unnecessary stress. Some colleges and universities provide their students with planners, however, not the majority. Here are some fantastic planner options designed to help you get where you need to go and do what you need to get done.


  1. Passion Planner. One of the best options that the Passion Planner business offers is an undated planner. Do you have weeks or maybe even months where your life slows down? Skip that week or month in your planner to save space and paper!
  2. Golden Coil. This is one of the most customizable planner options out there. Add contacts, customize the layout, and more!
  3. Erin CondrenThere are several different styles of planners to choose from with this planner. The life planner is a best seller, but they also have an academic planner perfect for noting all your classes and college activities!
  4. Blue Sky. This organization also has an academic planner! Another neat option is the habit tracker planner to track all good and bad habits. You can even get a journal or notebook to go along with your planner.
  5. Gallery Leather. You really can't go wrong with a simple leather planner. It's available in a variety of colors!
  6. Poketo. If you're a fan of abstract art, this planner is for you!


someone writing down their plansNo matter what planner you choose, whether from this list or not, let this be your warning not to overbook yourself. In college, it's really easy to say yes to anything and everything. It's imperative to know yourself, your boundaries, and how much responsibility you can handle. 


One beneficial way to make the most of your planner is to go through each syllabus as soon as you receive and write down all your due dates. That way, you know ahead of time what assignments you have coming up. You might also want to do this with your academic, sport, and other activity calendars. 


Another good tip is to make time for yourself. Block out time in your planner just for you and decide not to schedule anything during that time. This can help improve and maintain your mental health tremendously. 


If you are a student at Greenville University, now is a great time to take a peek at this year's academic calendar and note the critical dates. Click here to get connected to the calendar!