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Got a Minute? Find Your Story

So, you lost the championship, blew the ACT and watched someone else claim a scholarship that seemed perfect for you. Failures happen. Here's how one student with low test scores and a pile of rejected scholarship applications shifted attention to a better story . . . a compelling account of gritty determination.

Making a Career Out of Storytelling

Andy-Mills.jpgWhy do we like stories so much? Why are stories important to religions, nations and cultures? What makes a story compelling? What makes good storytelling? Curiosity led Andy Mills  (pictured at left on graduation day back in 2007) to study storytelling in college. He ultimately landed a job editing, researching, reporting and producing stories. You can hear his work on  WNYC's Radiolab. Don't miss Andy's award-winning account of a friendship born on the Greenville College (now University) campus: Kohn.