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Make a Table, Win Scholarships - I'm Not Making This Up

When you complete applications for scholarships, you want to make it super easy for the folks who dole out dollars to send some your way.

This means following application instructions to the letter and proofreading your submission for pesky distractions like misspelled words and incomplete sentences. It also means painting a crystal clear picture of your financial need.

An applicant who received $4,000 from a private foundation also received compliments for the clear picture she painted of her financial need by putting it in a table. Here is her method, updated to reflect current dollar amounts.


"Table" of Another Sort Opens Doors for Budding Physicist

Shuto_Osawa.jpg  Life after high school got off to a rocky start for recent Greenville University graduate Shuto Osawa. His limited English and 7,000 miles separating him from family proved challenging. But he eventually forged helpful relationships on the Greenville campus, and his English improved. When he and his lab partners conducted "table top" experiments together in the school's new quantum information physics lab, he discovered his passion. He then interned at the world's leading quantum information lab in Vienna and later gained acceptance into a doctoral program to continue his studies. A full tuition waiver and generous stipend now fuel Shuto's work.

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