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Why You Should Earn A Psychology Degree

What is psychology?

Psychology is defined as the study of the human mind and how it operates. It examines human behavior, individually or in groups, especially under a specific context. It’s understanding how people think, act, and feel. There are plenty of misconceptions about psychology, so be informed and avoid making these conceptions.  

2018_messiah_concert_13What does earning a degree in psychology look like at GU?

Majoring in psychology at Greenville University integrates faith and science, creating a unique approach to learning the concepts of neuroscience. We strive to answer questions like, “How does faith shape the actions of humans?” and “How can we take what we know about human behavior and apply it to service?” Learning experiences such as academic conferences are also an aspect of earning a degree in psychology. Last year, 15 psychology majors from GU traveled to a conference in St. Louis about breaking down stereotypes. As with all programs at GU, this degree is experienced-based, class sizes are small, and professors genuinely care for their students. Upon graduating, students with a degree in psychology feel empowered to change the world for the better. 

What can you do with a degree in psychology? 

  1. Psychologists study individuals to understand how they interact with others and their environment. They conduct studies, pinpoint issues and patterns, and discuss treatment options. Most of the time, jobs available to psychologists are located in a school or in a health care office. The projected growth of the position is 14%, and the 2018 median salary was $79,010.
  2. A degree in psychology could lead one into a career as a school or career counselor. School counselors are needed in private and public schools to aid students in the development of social and emotional skills. Career counselors are also useful to students in college deciding which career path to choose. The projected growth of both positions is 8%, and the 2018 median salary was $56,310.
  3. Childcare workers work for daycare centers or private homes to attend to the basic needs of kids. The projected growth of the position is 2%, and the 2018 median salary was $23,240.
  4. Social service specialists work for nonprofit organizations or for-profit agencies in providing clients with the services and benefits they need. Some of the most common people to work with are children, the elderly, people with a disability or addiction, or the homeless. The projected growth of the position is 13%, and the 2018 median salary was $33,750.

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