Dorm Sweet Dorm

2017_joy_hall_cn_2With the start of a new academic year right around the corner, we thought you might need a little inspiration to move into your dorm room. Here are some items that every dorm needs.


  1. A bright lamp. There will be nights when you stay up later than your roommate to study for that test or finish an assignment. Lighting is essential when this situation arises. Be sure that your lamp is not too bright, waking your roommate, but is also not too dim, not allowing you to see. Click here for some excellent lamp options. 
  2. A cozy rug. Most dorm rooms are tile, lament, or some other type of flooring that is not carpet. A rug is one of the most needed items to add an extra element of comfort to your home away from home. This website has an array of options, but Amazon or Walmart are also good affordable choices. 
  3. Big mattress pad. This is very important. If you didn’t already know, the mattresses that colleges provide are, most of the time, small and not as comfortable as what you are used to at home. Lucky for you, there are plenty of mattress pad options available that make sleeping a much more comfortable experience. With this mattress pad, or anything similar, you will be snug as a bug in a rug! Make sure you get an extra-long twin!2017_burritt_dallas_annex_1
  4. Snacks. The dining experience in college will be an adjustment. Here at GU, Fresh Ideas does a beautiful job of keeping the food in the dining commons and the student union fresh. However, college students need snacks. Be sure that you are filling your body with the nutrients it needs! 
  5. Extra storage. News flash: dorm rooms are not that big. You are probably going to need additional places to store things. Click here for storage container items that are both cute and practical. 
  6. Laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. Going to college is one of the first steps people take to grow up. That in mind, cleaning and doing your own laundry is part of being an adult! These supplies are must-haves. Target is an excellent resource for all things clean!2017_mannoia_hall_cn_8
  7. Command strips. If you want a dorm room that is fully decorated, you will need command strips. Most of the time, colleges and universities do not allow you to put nails or screws into the fall. There is a wide variety of Command strips available that will make your life easy and your room pleasing to the eye!
  8. Personalization. Your dorm room is yours! Print off pictures of you and your friends, buy a poster with your favorite band on it or get a blanket with a pattern you enjoy. You want a comfortable space that you can go back to after a long day of classes.

For even more dorm decoration inspiration, head over to our “Dorm Sweet Dorm” Pinterest board. Happy decorating!