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Do You Miss Your College Community? Me Too.


Today’s blog features a conversation with Sarah Burgener, a student at GU. Just like many college students across the country, Sarah is heartbroken about not returning to her college community but is seeking ways to keep herself productive in quarantine.

Q: Hello, Sarah! Could introduce yourself? Tell us who you are and what you do.

A: I’m Sarah. I’m a junior at Greenville and my major is English Education. So, Sidney and I are in the same boat. My hobbies are reading, writing, taking pictures, and mostly hanging out with my friends.


Q: What has your life been like since the coronavirus forced us to go online for the rest of the semester?

A: It’s been pretty weird! My life has looked really boring. I’ve sat in my bed and watched a bunch of movies and I’ve finished like three TV shows. It’s been very uneventful.

Q: How did you feel when the news hit you?

A: Oh my goodness. I cried like a little baby. So sad. But there’s nothing you can really do just got to stay inside. 

logan-weaver-MoQW0FhWPEk-unsplashQ: Are you one of those people that doesn’t take social-distancing seriously or is it a big deal to you?

A: Well, at first I thought it would blow over, but now I’m like okay, everybody stay in your own house. But in my small town, it’s not really affected, at least yet, so it’s kind of weird that it’s even happening. Everyone is always at Walmart getting toilet paper and my mom is constantly getting food. Thankfully, the restaurants are still doing take out so we’ve done that a couple of times. 

Q: What have you been doing to stay sane when in quarantine?

A: I watched TV and movies for the first few weeks but the other day I said to myself, “This is not working out!” I just noticed myself getting so lazy. My parents would invite me to do yoga or go on a walk and I would say no because I was so lazy. So, I’ve started to make a daily to-do list. Have I done all the things? No, but it’s still a nice little schedule. Today, my list has a fun little makeup look and then my mom and I are going to cook something. 

Q: Why did you come to Greenville?

A: When I visited Greenville, I also visited other colleges around it, but it was the only one where people would pass me and be nice. I just showed up to each of these colleges with my family and it was the only one that the admissions people stopped what they were doing and gave me a tour. So I thought, “These people are really nice! I’m going here!” It’s really fulfilled my expectations because all the teachers, workers, and students are super nice.

Q: What do you miss about campus?


A: Everything! I just miss being around people. I am the only person living in this house with my parents and I love my parents but it’s just different having someone my age. I’m going crazy.

Q: Do you feel like GU has supported you during this challenging time? If so, how?

A: Yes, I feel like Greenville has gone above and beyond. All the emails saying we are here for you and offering counseling is really cool. I think they’ve done as much as you can do for something like this. 

Q: What's your counterargument with the statement. "Online college is the same experience as face-to-face but better because you can work on your own time"?

A: I honestly give props to people who do all the online classes. I feel like they are more work, at least for me. I don’t have anywhere to go to the class, so I’m not as motivated as I should be. Even communication with teachers is hard. I understand it’s hard to keep up with everybody, but I was having trouble with my books and it took five days to get that problem solved, but if we were face to face, it would have been done by the next class.