Can Internships offer credit?

Can Internships Offer Credit?

Internships are a great way to gain experience while navigating your busy class or summer schedule.

Some internships are paid; others are not. Even if an internship doesn't pay, don't count it out! You may be able to earn college credit if the college or university agrees to it, if acceptable working hours are met, and if you have already participated in other internships for credit. Internships can be valuable learning experiences, and many colleges require the completion of at least one before you graduate.

Before starting one, however, make sure you've already read up on what you'll be expected to do, how it will enhance your education, and whether you can receive college credit for the work (this is especially important if you will not be receiving consistent pay; make sure you are still working for some type of reward).  

How do I know if my internship offers credit? 

1) Talk to your career services center about a past internship you've completed or are currently interested in. They have the resources to let you know about any college credit you are eligible to obtain for working in these jobs. It's very likely that a conversation with your career services center could present you with even more opportunities to consider!

2) Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your interests to find an internship that works for you. It may be that your advisor is the one that recommended the internship so you could improve your studies; in that case, they should already have all the resources to determine if you will receive college credit or not. When you meet with them, ask if you'll need to write an internship proposal. Sounds difficult, but it's not! Your academic advisor will know how to get you prepared. 

3) Check the expectations of your university and your internship company to make sure they support each other. While not all businesses offer the opportunity, there are some businesses that are willing to work for both your volunteer and college credit benefit. It's not uncommon to look for credit, so don't be afraid to ask for it!

Many programs at Greenville University require students to intern at least once in their field of study because we believe practical internships are incredibly beneficial for both your college experience and your future career. This is a great opportunity to explore what the job actually feels like and if it's the right fit for you! Get out there, get credit, and get matched up with great opportunities. 

Have you participated in an internship? Did you get college credit? Tell us your story in the comments below!