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Sidney Webster

What's the Purpose of a Degree in Criminal Justice?

By Sidney Webster October 1, 2019

Are you passionate about solving social justice issues? Do you like the thought of solving a..

My First Week as Student Body President

By Sidney Webster September 17, 2019

When I was first elected student body president last spring, it was pretty neat to have everyone..

Illuminate Campus with the Addition of Small Groups

By Sidney Webster September 16, 2019

Matthew 5:16 reads, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your..

Summer '19 Blog #5: This is Walkabout.

By Sidney Webster September 12, 2019

My stiff arms begin to buckle as I lift myself from one rock to another rock, crossing the..

Summer ‘19 Blog #3: Panther Basketball Academy

By Sidney Webster September 12, 2019

It’s Sidney again! If you haven’t taken a look at the first two summer 2019 blogs yet, do so by..

Summer '19 Blog #4: The Pan Handle, Florida

By Sidney Webster September 12, 2019

I cannot believe it, but here we are at the fourth summer ‘19 blog from yours truly. I am stoked..

Esports: Competitive Video Games

By Sidney Webster September 4, 2019

It is currently 3:00 AM and your eyes are glued open. What are they fixed to? The television..

Summer ‘19 Blog #2: Alaska

By Sidney Webster July 3, 2019

I already told you that I would be traveling a lot, so here goes the second GU summer blog for..

Summer '19 Blog #1: Costa Rica

By Sidney Webster June 5, 2019

Welcome to GU Blogs! My name is Sidney Webster, and I will be entering my junior year in the..

Farewell to my Sophomore Year

By Sidney Webster May 15, 2019

As I finish up the last few weeks of the school year, I think back to the beginning moments of..

Places to go and Things to do the Summer Before College

By Sidney Webster May 1, 2019

Hurray! High school is officially over and it is finally starting to warm up! It may seem like..