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Sidney Webster

My GU Story: Brian Wells

By Sidney Webster May 28, 2020

This week on the podcast, we have junior, music industry studies major, Brian Wells, kicking off..

Why Greenville?

By Sidney Webster May 25, 2020

Making plans for the future has to be one of the most stressful periods of time in a person’s..

7 Ways to Keep in Touch Over Summer

By Sidney Webster May 18, 2020

After a long, challenging school year, it's finally time for that awaited moment - summer! For..

How to Choose a Major

By Sidney Webster May 12, 2020
Your major choice  will make a significant impact on your career options; a career of which you..

How Do You Get Through Self-Isolation?

By Sidney Webster April 27, 2020

Yesterday, the Illinois government announced that we will be under a stay-at-home order for..

Dear MacMurray Students, We are Here for You.

By Sidney Webster April 8, 2020

Dear MacMurray Students,

Do You Miss Your College Community? Me Too.

By Sidney Webster April 3, 2020

Today’s blog features a conversation with Sarah Burgener, a student at GU. Just like many..

10 Things to do when in Quarantine

By Sidney Webster March 30, 2020

Are you bored yet? Online classes can only keep you busy for a limited number of hours in the..

Letter from the Student Body President: A Fresh Start

By Sidney Webster February 4, 2020

The spring semester is an opportunity for a fresh start. Not only are classes new, the second..

Four Accounts of The Greatest Miracle

By Sidney Webster December 16, 2019

Shout Hallelujah; Santa Claus is coming to town! The little drummer boy is deckin’ the halls to..