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Sidney Webster

10 Questions with Student Blogger Abigail Reinneck

By Sidney Webster October 9, 2020
What is your year and major?

I am a sophomore majoring in Marketing and plan to add a minor in..

While You Were Away From GU

By Sidney Webster August 27, 2020

Summer 2020 has been a crazy one, to say the least. We were hit with a global pandemic, our..

7 Things You Can Do with a Degree in Digital Media

By Sidney Webster August 11, 2020

The field of digital media is ever-growing, as our world continues to rely on digital mediums..

How to Get the Most Out of Your Planner

By Sidney Webster August 7, 2020

Is a planner on your school supplies list? If not, it should be! A planner is just as necessary..

The Moment I Decided GU Was for Me

By Sidney Webster July 31, 2020

Decision making is a skill. There are so many elements that factor into making a choice. When it..

From the Midwest to Island Life in the Caribbean

By Sidney Webster July 28, 2020

Q: Hello, Jantzen Michael! Welcome to the podcast!

Can you Really Stay Connected When Practicing Coronavirus Social Distancing?

By Sidney Webster July 24, 2020

There are posters on every door, round stickers on every floor, and enough masks to cover the..

Managing Money as a Broke College Student

By Sidney Webster July 20, 2020

Have you ever turned down plans with your friends because you wanted to save money? It’s never a..

Dorm Sweet Dorm

By Sidney Webster July 10, 2020

With the start of a new academic year right around the corner, we thought you might need a..