A College Student’s Guide To Fall: Finale

What does fall look like here on Greenville University’s campus? Classes are in full swing, Homecoming is just around the corner, and events are happening by the week. Keep reading for some important dates and to learn more about campus life during this fall season!

Mental Health Awareness Week FinalMental Health Awareness Week (October 5-10th)

  • Join us this year in our first Mental Health Awareness Week, which is sponsored by Res Life, GSGA, and several other organizations on campus. Events are happening each day of the week, and we invite you to check them out. To learn more about GU’s first Mental Health Awareness Week, visit this website.

Homecoming (October 16-18th)

  • This year’s homecoming is just around the corner! All events will be online this year due to COVID-19, but we still invite Alumni to participate in our virtual events. Be on the lookout for virtual contests, zoom meetings, and more! Check out this website for more information about 2020 virtual Homecoming events. We hope you will attend.

GSGA Events 

  • Our very own student government will be hosting a few events this year. There will be a drive-in movie on October 15th out at GU's football field. Carpool with your friends, and make sure you grab the best parking spot! The following day, October 16th, GSGA will be hosting a “Beyond the Taste of Greenville” event from 5-7 pm on Scott Field. This event will feature several restaurants from the Edwardsville, IL area. Yum!

Ultimate Frisbee

  • What are you doing on Sunday afternoons? You should check out Greenville University’s Ultimate Frisbee league! Teams meet each Sunday at 2:00 pm on Scott Field to compete against one another. Come join a team or cheer on your favorite players! Check out intramurals on campus for other club sports you can get involved in on campus.

Allyson Grabowski Sand Volleyball CourtSand Volleyball

  • One of the newest additions to campus this year is the Allyson Grabowski Memorial Court. The sand volleyball court is a great place to hang with friends and celebrate the life of Grabowski, a former GU Women’s Volleyball player. Get your teams together and meet at the net before it gets too cold!

We hope you can get involved on campus in some way(s) this fall. There are so many events to choose from. To stay up to date with events happening this season, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.