A College Student’s Guide to Fall: Episode One

Fall is approaching fast! I don’t know about you guys, but fall is my favorite time of the year. Nothing compares to drinking a warm cup of coffee and cozying up with a fuzzy blanket in your dorm room. The weather outside is beautiful, and college campuses are full of bustling students and changing leaves. Here are just a few ideas on how you can get yourself and your dorm room ready for this upcoming season.


  1. Change up your color scheme.fall_sidewalk_edit
    • The perfect way to get in the mood for fall is to surround yourself with fall colors. Add new decorations to your room and decorate with warmer colors. Go for natural colors like muted browns, warm purples, and dark greens to create the perfect color palette. Check out this website for more color palette inspiration.
  2. Keep it cozy.
    • Make sure that you have your coziest blankets ready to use. A blanket is a great way to stay warm and add a bit of decoration to your room. Read this blog to find the best throw blanket that suits you. With multiple fabrics and patterns, you will be sure to find the right one for your room! Add a couple of throw pillows on your bed to give you all the cozy feels.
  3. Bring out the lights.
    • Hop on the trend and decorate your room with twinkle lights. This season you can spice it up by sprinkling fall leaves in between the lights. You can buy twinkle lights from almost any retail store. Amazon has hundreds of trendy indoor lighting options with good prices. Keep your twinkle lights up for the next holiday season, too!
  4. Revamp your wardrobe.
    • It’s time to pull out all of your sweatshirts and sweaters from your closet. Cool weather is approaching….for most of us at least! Pack up those summer clothes, and make room in your closet for some soft and cozy pieces. Stay on trend with these favorites from Target and H&M. Girls, try pairing your favorite cardigan with a graphic tee for a cute look, and guys, you can never go wrong with a casual flannel.
  5. Stay healthy.alex-geerts-NuO6iTBkHxE-unsplash
    • It is important to take care of your body throughout the year, but especially in the fall. Stay on top of your sleep schedule and take care of your bodies. It can be a stressful time with classes in full-swing, so make sure that you are getting enough sleep, washing your hands, and eating healthy.

Stay tuned for the next addition to this series of blogs on our website. We want to be there for you and assist you throughout every season of the year!