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A Christian Liberal Arts Packing List

When packing to leave home for a Christian liberal arts college, your list is going to look a little bit different than the ones you see online. Sure, those are helpful, and we’ve got a great one for you to look at here, but what we really want to focus on are some of the items that have come to define a Christian college experience. You may want to pick some of these up before you head to school!

  1. Longboard. Most colleges and universities have longboarders, but Christian Liberal Arts Colleges take the cake for the sheer amount of students that love this recreational activity. Longboarding is the perfect way to get to class, chapel, and campus events. We love longboarding so much at GU, one of our students wrote a hilarious article about it.


  1. Musical instruments, craft supplies, and other things you thought you'd never use again. You’ll find within your first few weeks at school that your new friends are not only incredibly talented, but they’d love to help you get better at a hobby you might have abandoned. At Greenville University, there are so many stories of students who gave up playing guitar or painting in their busy high school years, only to pick them up again with the help of roommates and friends. So, bring your beat-up guitar, rusty crochet needles, and even your finger paints- you’ll find use for them again!


  1. Golf clubs and tennis balls. Okay, maybe this one is just specific to Greenville. At GU, we’ve created the perfect leisure sport by combining golf and tennis. It’s not unusual to see groups of students whacking tennis balls across campus, aiming for different landmarks, buildings, or unwitting professors (just kidding!). Pack your clubs and balls and learn more about this ridiculous sport here.


  1. Whiteboard. Since the first whiteboard went up on someone’s dorm door a million years ago, thishas been the primary means of communication to date. Even with advancements in techn
    ology, people still use each other’s whiteboards to note that they stopped by, have some study notes to borrow, or want to meet for a coffee. Checkout more ideas for what to bring for your dorm room on our Pinterest!


Backpacking5. Bring the right shoes. We mean it! There are so many things to do on campus, and you’re going to need the right kicks for each event. Bring your sneakers and get active by participating in intramurals. Hiking shoes will be useful as you hikethrough all of the beautiful spots you find around campus. At GU, we love to trek around Carlyle Lake, Patriots Park, and our very own Gullies. Don’t forget your dancing shoes as you attend concerts around your area. GU’s Blackroom features student music, and there’s always a fantastic show at The Pageant in St. Louis.


  1. Bring your Bible. College is the time to really take your faith into your own hands. It’s the time that you will share your journey, learn from others, and find new ways to worship. The faith you develop in college will impact you not only in college but long after. Hear one student’s story about what she learned at GU, and how it impacted her through school, an internship, and into her career.


Even if you don’t bring anything on this list, you’re still going to have an amazing time in college if you remember to bring an adventurous, bold spirit that desires community and learning. If you’ve already made this journey, or have started packing for your freshmen year, share some unique things you’ve brought or are bringing.


If you're coming to GU this fall...

Our Resident Director, Naomi, made a video of what you can and cannot bring to Greenville University, and she directed us to answers for frequently asked questions about moving in. We can’t wait to see you in August!