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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go to a Christian University

When making the decision to attend a Christian college, a multitude of thoughts flooded through my head. As a committed believer already, it was my calling to go out into the world and influence others for Christ, right? The thought that I would not get the opportunity to show others Jesus at a Christian university did cross my mind, but now that I’ve experienced almost two years of going to a Christian college, I can affirmatively say I had the wrong idea.

8 reasons why people don’t consider going to a Christian college but should:

  1. It’ll be really “churchy.” You're right! Going to class, work, or practice at a Christian college is a lot like going to church in that it's a chance for fellowship, growth, and discussions with all kinds of people. If that's what you mean by "churchy", you've got us pegged! You might ask about having to attend chapel 36 times a semester, but consider the opportunity chapel provides to hear presenters from around the world tackle a myriad of topics. Many often find, after they begrudgingly get out of bed in the morning, that they were happy they made it to hear the speaker. giphy

  2. Private = expensive. When people think private Christian university, they think pricey. This is not a crazy thought, but it is crucial to understand that college is going to cost no matter where you go. Just because a school is private or Christian doesn’t mean it’s the most expensive choice, and many of these universities, like GU, offer amazing scholarships.

  3. Academic concerns. If you are thinking, “I don’t want people to see that I went to a Christian college and have it hurt my chances for a job because they think I only studied the Bible”- stop. We're going to burn that myth down real quick.  Private institutions offer more chances for face-to-face, experiential learning and requirements for curriculum do not change based on religious affiliation. If anything, you learn to put your education into perspective, considering how you can shape the world with your education and faith.giphy

  4. Transferring is difficult. You may think that transferring to a small, Christian liberal arts school would be difficult. Our curriculum must be drastically different than what you've already studied, and will all the work you've put in so far be moot? At least for GU, transferring is no big deal. Our admissions team works with transfers daily to help them make their earned credits count. Particularly for the school of education,  Greenville University provides an easy transition.

  5. Too many rules.Lifestyle statement? Sounds like they just want to tell me what to do— No party scene— no Greek life —my friends at secular schools seem to be having more fun.” What people don't consider is that party scenes and Greek life are often very exclusive, and Christian universities often want to promote inclusivity and community. While lifestyle statements feel restrictive, they provide an environment where students feel safe. Don't worry, you won't be shortchanged in your  experience! The bonds you form at a small, Christian university and the memories you make at events last a lifetime. That's why we have so many alum come back for Homecoming! 

  6. Judgment zone. “What if I am Catholic?” or “I don’t want people to know about how crappy of a Christian I am?” There are groups on campus for these reasons and if there’s not one for you, creating one is an option. One of the small groups most recently added is specifically for Catholic students. To address the other concern, if you feel like a crappy Christian, don’t sweat it. We've all felt that way at some point. That worry doesn’t mean you won’t feel welcomed here, and what better place to work through that than with people who get it?giphy

  7. Where’s the challenge? Many use the excuse, “I need to get out there so I can grow. I need my faith to be tested.” Yes, you do. And it will happen no matter where you go. NEWS FLASH: not everyone agrees with everyone. People divide, pick sides, and create separation even within the context of Christianity. If you think you won’t be challenged at a Christian college, think again.

  8. “But I’m not a Christian.” There is a myth floating around that non-Christians can’t go to Christian schools. Obviously, Christian colleges aren’t for everyone, but it should be considered even by those that don’t identify as a Christian. GU, specifically, does not force or push anyone to think or believe a certain way. Our students are individuals. No matter your religious views, you'll still find rigorous academics and a thriving, supportive community here. 

Choosing the right college is all about YOU. Maybe a Christian school is not for you, but maybe it is. Either way, don't limit your possibilities by buying into myths. The right option is out there, you just need to explore and make the best choice for you.