7 Things You Can Do with a Degree in Digital Media

The field of digital media is ever-growing, as our world continues to rely on digital mediums more and more each day. A degree in digital media can set you up for a variety of careers. Companies are in a constant need for advertising and marketing managers, photo and video editors, graphic designers, website developers, and more. Internships and experience are needed to enter this field; therefore, it’s  important to choose a school that gives you opportunities to build and expand on your portfolio.

Greenville University Digital Media

A degree in digital media at Greenville University allows you to learn a variety of skills under the umbrella of digital media. It provides a comprehensive curriculum that helps you gain skills in graphic design, photography, video, animation, programming, audio editing, and web page development. Click here to see work from GU DM students!

Here is a list of career opportunities for students majoring in digital media. 


  • Advertising Manager

It’s the goal of the advertising manager to gain customer prospects for a company. They work with their staff to create advertising campaigns that will attract buyers to their product or service. Typically, a bachelor's degree is required to obtain a position in advertising. The median pay for an advertising manager is $135,900 per year, and overall employment is projected to grow by eight percent in the next eight years. 


  • Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use art through technology to create visuals that communicate specific ideas. They could create advertisements, brochures, billboard designs, website designs, and more. Understanding design software is crucial. The median salary is $52,110 per year, and it’s a career that is projected to grow three percent between 2018 and 2028.

GU Student Videographer

  • Videographer

A creative eye is a necessary skill for this career. The job entails operating a camera to capture weddings, commercials, and other events and products to showcase. It’s growing at a rate of eleven percent, and the median annual salary is $59,810.


  • Multimedia Artist

Just like a videographer, a creative eye is crucial! Multimedia artists use computer programming to create two and three-dimensional visuals used in movies, television, and video games. Like most careers in the field, an impressive portfolio is needed to secure a position. Pay is about $75,000 per year, and it’s a field growing at four percent. 


  • Computer Support Specialist 

If you have a knack for computers, this is the career for you. Computer support specialists, or technology support specialists, troubleshoot any issues a company has with its computers and other technology. They typically make $63,460 per year, and the career is growing by 10 percent.


  • Web Developer

The page you are on right now was developed by an expert web developer. Their primary responsibilities are to design and develop websites for companies. Programming and graphic design are vital skills to being a valuable web developer, both skills taught in a digital media program. $73,760 was the median pay in 2019, and the growth rate is exceptional at 13 percent. 

Social Media

  • Social Media Specialist

If anything has radically changed our world, it's social media. The social media specialist's goal is to define a company's brand and develop strategies that expand their reach on various social media platforms. Entry-level pay normally is around $48,453, and public relations positions like social media specialists are projected to grow 12 percent in the next six years. 


If any of these descriptions sound like the right career for you, check out a degree in digital media at Greenville University! Apply here! 

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