6 Tips for College Move-In Day

Moving away from home for the first time, triggers a flood of emotions. It’s scary leaving everything you know about life and embarking on the next chapter of your life. Attempting to survive without your family deems challenging for many. Saying goodbye to friends at home and meeting new ones can be intimidating. However, while many of the emotions seem negative, moving to college is an exciting time. To relieve you of the jitters move-in day can bring, here is some advice for the day, whatever it may bring. 



  1. Prepare yourself mentally. Fear can easily steal the joy out of the day. By no means should you sit in fear. However, you do what to start thinking about the day so that you are prepared for what will occur. Your admissions counselor, residence life staff, teammates, and coaches (if you are an athlete), should all be there to help you navigate the process leading up to the day, and they will not leave you hanging dry when the day comes. Find the most helpful people when you were applying, committing, and depositing and asking them any questions you might have about move-in day. Get as much information as possible beforehand so that you are not going in blind, and can prepare yourself mentally. Obviously, things might not always pan out the way you wanted or expected, but being aware of certain aspects of the day can help you take on the day with confidence.
  2. Pack well. If you skip this step, you will spend too much time organizing things once you get there and miss out on other events. Make sure your clothes, food, electronics, books, decor, etc. are organized and stored in storage bins. You also want to bring cleaning supplies and plenty of surge protectors.
  3. Get there early. If you arrive before your roommate(s), you get the priority to choose your bed. It’s also just complicated if you and your roommate get there at the same time. Too many people would be trying to move things in and out of a small room. You also want to have plenty of time to clean, set-up, and organize your room before other activities on campus begin.
  4. Know what your school is doing in response to COVID-19. Move-in day this year is going to look completely different than years past. Ensure that you are up-to-date on your school’s specific rules and procedures for moving into during the pandemic. Most likely, you will need a mask, potentially gloves, and hand-sanitizer. Those are expected, but each school is different. To check what Greenville University’s plan is, check this page as it is updated periodically throughout the summer as decisions are being made.
  5. 2019_new_student_orientation_28Lean on your roommate, but not too much. Before move-in day, you want to make sure you communicate with your roommate about who is bringing what. If you care about the appearance of your room, you will also want to coordinate dorm colors. On the day of and the following days and weeks, your roommate can be a great supporter as you are both trudging through the same waters. However, branch out and make sure that you are making friends with your roommate and other students. 

  6. Be brave. This day marks the start of a brand new adventure. Wake up with a smile on your face. Say hello to strangers. Be kind to those helping you move in. You got this!

For more information on the move-in process at Greenville University, click here.