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5 Simple Tricks To Make Friends At College

Making friends at college can feel overwhelming. All new people? A brand new campus? Where do you even start?

Good news! Making friends on campus doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as taking one easy step. If you're feeling overwhelmed, try any of these easy moves to make friends.

blog open door.png1. Leave your dorm room door open.

That’s right. Finding a friend could be as simple as pushing your door open.

An open door tells your floor mates that you’re friendly and ready for visitors. It also helps you notice when fun activities or hilarious conversations break out in the hallway so you can join in. (But do close and lock the door anytime you’ll be gone for a while.)


level up.pngReady to take this skill to the next level? Walk down the hall and introduce yourself to one person whose door is open.


2. Talk to one stranblog stranger chat.pngger out of the blue.

Maybe you get to class early and ask another early arriver what they thought of the reading. Maybe you spot a lone stranger at lunch and ask to sit down. Maybe the guy in line ahead of you at the campus coffee shop has a shirt with your favorite movie on it and you strike up a conversation. Don’t feel pressure to make this person your BFF; you’re just putting out feelers for acquaintances. Simple.


level up.pngIf the conversation really takes off, exchange contact info. If it doesn’t, congratulate yourself on being friendly and taking risks.


blog meeting.png3. Show up to one meeting.

Everyone tells students to “get involved” on campus, but that can feel paralyzing with so many activities to choose from. If that’s you, pick one activity or club you know you have an interest in and attend one meeting. No need to plan long-term commitment. Just see what happens, who you meet, and if you want to go back.


level up.png The obvious way to level up your one-meeting attendance skill is—of course—show up for a second meeting!


 blog reading.png4. Do one normally solitary activity in a public place.

Could you read that novel in the dorm lounge instead of at your desk? Could you surf the internet in a common area of the library (without earbuds in)? Could you fold your laundry in the laundry room instead of your dorm room? Could you make your after-class snack a picnic, complete with blanket, near a busy walkway outside? Choose one and have fun!


level up.pngInvite a dorm neighbor to bring their own novel, laundry, or snack over to your place.


blog online.png5. Join one online group or hashtag conversation.

Join a student-run social media group dedicated to campus activities or student life at your school. Many schools have hashtags or online groups for each incoming class of freshmen. Depending on the size of your school, you may be able to pick from tons of highly-specialized interest groups.


level up.png Make a goal to post in this group a certain number of times per week.



GU shield transparent.pngAt Greenville University, you’re never alone. Our community-focused campus offers lots of opportunities to get involved and make friends. Many alumni say the relationships they forged at Greenville were just as important as their education. Learn about activities and campus life at Greenville University.


Nick W. says:

nick w.jpg"The community at Greenville is welcoming and inclusive. Within a couple of days, you won't be able to walk across campus without seeing several people you know.  Everyone else is also looking for friends, so you're bound to find plenty."



Hannah P. says: 

hannah parkerson.jpg"Greenville is filled with so many different kinds of people, and everyone is encouraged to be who they are. Even if you don't know who that is yet, that journey does not have to be made alone while you're here." - Hannah P.