4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Your College Town for the Summer

Now that most of the students on campus are home for the summer, our campus has returned to fresh vegetation! The grass is greener, the tree branches are longer, and the landscaping is looking perkier. While being home for the summer is nice, living in your college town can reveal another side of the community that you wouldn’t otherwise see. It’s a change of pace from the normal lifestyle and for some, the distance from home can allow them to grow spiritually, connect with their inner selves more, and form stronger bonds with the people around them. Here are four reasons why you should consider living in your college town for the summer:

  1. More time spent connecting with your college community. Small-town, Greenville, IL isn’t much to many, but to many, it is much. To those from metropolitan areas, coming to the quaint G-Ville bubble can be an environment and cultural shift. In the same way that it would take an adjustment period for people from the country-side to dive into a city, those from the city need the grace to adjust to the country-side. No matter where you come from, connecting with your college community while most students are gone for the summer can be meaningful. Living in your college town opens doors to meet community members. When living on campus during the school year, those opportunities don’t always come along.
  2. 2020_burritt_reno (18 of 34)See a different side of campus. Campus has a different feel to it when there are not as many students living there. At Greenville University, the biggest change between when students are on campus and when they are not is the color of the grass! During the school year, students are constantly walking across the grass, wearing it down. As soon as the students pack up and head home for the summer, the landscaping improves by leaps and bounds! All jokes aside, being in Greenville when not many other students are here, you get to see a different side of campus. One that misses it’s students and patiently awaits their return! Additionally, being on campus for the summer gives you the opportunity to witness the changes taking place to campus over the summer. For example, GU has begun it’s renovations to Burritt Gym, building the sand volleyball court in memory of Allyson Grabowski, and more! 
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  3. Room for growth. Being one of few students that are living in your college town for the summer allows room for personal growth. This could be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual growth. You have time and space for yourself! Going to the gym, taking long walks, journaling more, and reading scripture are some examples of things that could bring personal growth that you wouldn't have otherwise discovered.2020_campus (45 of 83)
  4. Discover new places and people. When you live on campus during the school year, there are distractions. Classes, sports, social events, activities, and other involvements are so important to the college experience, but when those are on pause, it allows one to recognize places and people that may have always been there, you just hadn’t had the chance to realize it. 

Not everyone has the chance to live in their college town over the summer, but if the opportunity presents itself, consider it. You never know what the summer might bring!