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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break


Spring break is a great time to get away from your everyday life at university, but you should consider ways to approach this time off with some intentionality. Whether you’re headed to the beach or visiting the land of Netflix and Couch, here are the top 10 ways to make the most of your spring break.

 1. Plan. You may want to jump head first into spring break, but not having a plan of some kind is a great way to let it pass you by. Spontaneity has its place, but if you’re hoping to get something accomplished this break- make space for it.

2. Actually, like, take a break. This might seem obvious, but if you think about what it means to really take a break and let yourself settle down for some time, you might realize that you’re not actually resting. Your body and mind feel the same amount of stress when you cram as many activities as you can into your spring break as it does when you live in the whirlwind of school. Find downtime to recover. Here are some de-stressing tips!

3. Get out there. Now to completely disregard the second suggestion; get out there! Have an adventure, big or small. Here are some cheap places to travel to.IMG_1786

4. Be safe. The free time you get during spring break is amazing, but what’s that old saying about idol hands…? Be mindful of what’s happening around you. If you’re going skydiving, take a second to double check your parachute before you jump. 

5. Get caught up. Do what you need to enter into the second half of your semester with confidence. Start fresh- literally and figuratively (don’t neglect that laundry people!).

6. Move. Try not to atrophy on your break. Do yoga, go hiking, find a place to swim even if it’s snowing, get your heart racing with an escape room, or you can even go axe throwing in STL! Just make sure the walk from your couch to the fridge isn’t the only exercise you get this break.

7. Do something creative. Creativity expresses itself in a lot of ways. If you’re not particularly artsy, this suggestion is still for you! Let’s simplify this suggestion- do something that brings you joy. Go ice skating because you loved it when you were young, makes some plans for the business you want to open when you finish your degree, write a really terrible poem and pat yourself on the back for not being boring.

8. Don’t blow the budget. You still have several weeks left in your semester when you return! Take the advice of Parks and Rec, “treat-yo-self”, but make sure you have enough cash to at least get you back to school!

9. Friendship Fundamentals. Get in touch with the people who matter to you. Family comes in all shapes yaredand sizes, so if you’ve been neglecting yours this semester, spend some quality time investing in your relationships.  

10. Complete some applications. UNPOPULAR OPINION! Spring break is a good time to look over your resume, apply for some jobs if you’re a senior, and look for summer jobs if you’ll still be in school. But if you really do find this task daunting, enjoy your break and take care of these essentials when you get back to the grind.

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