10 Things to do when in Quarantine

Are you bored yet? Online classes can only keep you busy for a limited number of hours in the day. When you are stuck inside for two weeks or even longer (who knows?), it’s easy to sit around and do nothing but scroll through social media. To keep your sanity, here are 10 things to do when in quarantine:


  1. Bake Something. Scroll through our Pinterest for baking ideas! The stores are still open, but be careful. Wash your hands both before and after. Don’t get a cart. Those things are loaded with germs. Test yourself and see how many groceries you can carry. When you get home, turn on some tunes and have some fun in the kitchen! I tried out a new Thai dish. I really went out of my comfort zone for this one!
  2. Pick up an instrument. Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar or piano? Now is a perfect time! If you don’t have an instrument, amazon delivers!
  3. Read a book, magazine, or newspaper. There is so much content out there, you just have to look. Books are an obvious choice, but if you want something easier or shorter, magazines and newspapers are great for a brief read. I’ve found magazines to be very entertaining during this time. Don't want to read a book? Listen to one! Take advantage of some free trails for Audible and Scribd.
  4. Go for a walk, run, or bike ride. Your body wants you to move! Don’t be stuck inside all day. God has gifted us a beautiful earth to navigate; don’t let the virus stop you from enjoying it. Even if it’s chilly where you are, through on a coat.tomasz-wozniak-V62UrdknDCA-unsplash
  5. Get spiffed up for no reason. It can be really easy during this time to throw on some sweatpants every day. In order to keep some normally, wear what you typically would. If you want, get all dressed up and don’t go anywhere. It can be fun to put on some nice clothes and do your hair and makeup. It can also boost your confidence. When you look good, you feel good!
  6. Make TikToks. This new trend is pretty entertaining. There are tons of funny videos to recreate and dances to learn on TikTok. It can even be a way to get your workout in! However, be sure to set a timer on this app as it can become very addicting.
  7. Workout or yoga. Just because the gym is closed, doesn’t mean you can stop working out. There are tons of at-home workouts on Youtube you can try for all levels of fitness. Yoga is also a good way to get the juices flowing.IMG_6746-1
  8. Play video games. This is towards the bottom of my list because video games are also known to be addictive. However, carving out a little time to play during the day can be fun! If you are lucky enough to have the right device, spend a limited amount of time playing. If you don’t have an X-box or PlayStation, there are plenty of apps you can download on your smartphone when it comes to gaming.
  9. Watch a movie. Wait until you have tried all of the above items before flipping on the TV. You would think that this is a good time for business if you are streaming platform, such as Netflix, but this Forbes article suggests otherwise. Either way, there are some good movies to be watched!
  10. Participate in GU virtual events! GSGA and Residence Life are getting geared up to host plenty of virtual events and programming. Every Monday night, GSGA is hosting events like a yoga session, Kahoot game, and a cooking class! Saturday nights are movies and Wednesdays are game nights. If you are a student at GU, be sure to check your emails and social media platforms for more info! Follow GSGA on Instagram and Twitter @gvillesga.