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10 Things you'll learn your freshman year at college

 10 Things You'll Learn Your Freshman Year at College

Your freshman year of college is filled with opportunities to learn and grow, and not just in the classroom. From people skills to time management, here are 10 real-life lessons you can expect to learn your freshman year of college.

1. How to be resourceful.
If you live on campus or in an apartment, being on your own will teach you to use resources wisely, be inventive, save time and save money. Are you really going to use hair ties to hang your new curtains? Yes...yes I am.

2. How to get outside your comfort zone.
Your freshman year will also push the boundaries of your comfort zone. You may be in a new town, with new people, trying out new school clubs and activities. Don't shy away from these opportunities for growth. Pretty soon, you'll be proud of your newfound courage and persistence!

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3. How to appreciate other people's differences.
Many social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds converge on a college or university campus. You have a chance to interact with all of them. You may discover deep friendships with people you never would have approached had you not been thrown together in the same class, club, or cafeteria table.

4. How to have deep, challenging conversations.
The combination of intense intellectualism and immersion in campus culture creates a great capacity for depth in college friendships. If you're willing to open up (and be a good listener), a simple chat after class or a late-night hangout can turn to thought provoking concepts and heart-to-heart sharing. Master the art of the "deep talk." It's worth it. 

5. How to be independent.
For the very first time, you are in charge of everything from managing your schedule to deciding when and what to eat for dinner. This can seem a little weird at first, but you'll soon feel comfortable in your newfound independence.  

6. How to manage conflict.
Living in close proximity to others' opinions, beliefs and idiosyncrasies can challenge even the most easy-going freshman. This might sound intimidating, but it's one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth your freshman year. Practice giving and accepting grace from those around you, while learning how to have difficult conversations when necessary.  

7. How to entertain yourself.
What happens when your friends go home for the weekend or your favorite hangout spot is closed? What do you do? Sometimes, boredom busting is as simple as going for a run. Other times, it requires going to an event on campus that's out of your comfort zone. Or you can always be innovative and invent a sport (hello, mattress jousting). It's up to you to get creative! 

8. How to manage your time.
Time management is one of the trickiest life skills to conquer. It's critically important to control your schedule to avoid unnecessary stress. If you build good time management habits as a college freshman, it sets you up for success long after college is over.

9. How to say "no."
A crucial tactic for time management, "no" will become part of your vocabulary. Whether it's declining an invitation to join yet another club, or deciding to not click "watch next episode", it's important to have a grip on your priorities--and communicate them.

10. How to appreciate alone time.
As you begin your career in higher ed, you'll undoubtedly learn that college can be exhausting. Even extroverts find themselves appreciating the precious, quiet moments of alone time. After all, it's in the stillness that you can reflect and appreciate the progress you've made!

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