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10 Questions with Student Blogger, Sidney Webster

Meet our new student blogger, Sidney Webster. She’s going to spend the next year answering questions, addressing different topics, and delivering insight on everyday life from her unique perspective. Check back in with us weekly, and see what Sidney has to say!

1. What is your year and major?

I am a sophomore majoring in English Education and minoring in Business Management. The plan is to go on to obtain my Masters in Counseling to become a high school guidance counselor. I also aspire to take my education degree out of the classroom and onto the court as a basketball coach.

2. What activities do you participate in at GU?

I am part of the one and only GU's women's basketball team! You can also see me at all the GSGA events due to the fact that I am the VP of Campus Activities. Additionally, I edit articles for the sports section of the Papyrus. Even more importantly, I am involved in lots of Jo's Java coffee drinking. 

3. Chacos or Birkenstocks?

That is a tough one. Chacos are great for hiking, but Birk's go with almost anything. I own one pair of Chacos and two pairs of Birkenstocks's, so I will let that speak for itself. 

4. What is your favorite GU memory?

The freshman mugging last year (my freshman year) was amazing, and I met a lot of my friends during that event. This year I had the honor of throwing the dance party that is the mugging and also had a great time. Other than that, I have really enjoyed all the memories made with the basketball team. 

5. Why do you like writing?

Sydney Working

I don't like writing, I LOVE it! Writing has always been a passion of mine, because it allows me to express my thoughts in a way that will never be lost. Speaking your thoughts can be really powerful, but when you put words to paper, you can hold them, erase them, cherish them, and keep them. 


 6. Where’s your favorite place on campus?

Scott Field. This is because when the weather is beautiful, everyone just chills out on benches or blankets and it's a really nice way to build community. The central location allows you to run into everyone! But even if I'm not in the mood to converse with others, I can put my headphones in, work on homework, and enjoy the nature God has given us!

7. What are some small things that make your day better?

My family is everything to me. So when I get to talk to them or, even better, see them, my day automatically gets better. My top love language is words of affirmation, so you could guess that I enjoy a subtle compliment, especially in the form of a hand-written note. I'm also much happier when I get time with my bf and bffs, coffee, longs walks, music, and journaling.



8. What could you give a 40-minute presentation about with absolutely no preparation?

My faith story. Rather than saying God is the top priority, I say He is the center priority. God is a part of all my priorities. So I could talk about how I came to know Him, why people should believe, and how He is the center of everything I do.

9. Why did you choose GU?

The women's basketball team environment thoroughly convinced me that GU was just the right place for me. Quickly after arriving, I realized that environment is in all areas of campus! The home-y feel, small size, and furthering my education at a beautiful place near home was also very important to me. 

10. If there was an autobiography about your life, what would the title be?

My full name is Sidney Rose Webster. Mimicking my personal blog title, Blooming Rose, that’s the title I would choose for my autobiography. I chose this name because a rose is delicate and lovely but able to defend itself with its thorns. Blooming is a metaphor for my life, meaning I am always changing, growing, and adapting. When you put the two words together, Blooming Rose, you get a magnificent perennial created by God to bless those around it. 


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